My Top 12 Favorite Books On Self Help, Business and Wealth

I've racked up quite the collection of books on self help, business and wealth over the years. I've always been a ambitious person obsessed with entrepreneurship, so once I took the leap to start Jolie Bloom a few years ago, I wanted to learn as much as I could and books helped me to do that.

In the same breath, I can also say that this could be both a good and thing. Sometimes we spend so much time learning and being inspired that we don't actually apply, implement or execute. Depending on the type of personality you have, you can easily read all these books and nothing changes in your life. While it's cool to be inspired, what works for someone else may not work for us and all the advice in the world means nothing if you're not grasping the lessons for the book your reading and testing out some things you've learned. 

So what's the point in reading these types of books then?

Well, different people resonate with different things. You will take from each book what you personally need to move forward. Perhaps an idea may be sparked, you'll discover something and learn how to tweek it in a way that works for you, or you may even find confirmation about the path you're on.

In this video I'm sharing my personal top 12 and why I love them. I can't wait to read in the comments what you think about my list.

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You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness by Jen Sincero 
Big Magic 
Think And Grow Rich 

I Would Love To Know What Book(s) You're Currently Reading, What You Thought About Books On My List And Don't Forget To Leave Me Some Suggestions For Novels (No Self Help, Business Or Money Stuff...)