Decor Inspiration For My Boys Room

We're moving soon! Really soon! I can't wait to share the details about it, but for now, I can share how excited I am to decorate. Lately we've been spending an obscene amount of time in Home Depot and Loews just walking around, making plans for DIY projects we want to do and planning out our budget.

One of the most affordable ways to totally change the look and feel of a space is to paint, so that's where we're starting. It's been a while since I've gotten to go crazy with colors which has made this process so fun for me. I love going into the paint section and exploring all my options. I'm pretty sure I've settled on what color I'm going to paint the master, but I'm most excited about decorating my boys room.

I really want to create a space that is fun and inspiring. This is really Grey's deal since he's a big boy and able to put in imput. I'm still not sure if he'll be sharing a room with his brother as yet, but even if he does, the baby cares about nothing but milk and somewhere to sleep. He has a fun blue bed that he picked out in Ikea last year and insists that his new space be painted green. He's definitely his mothers child. It's gonna be BRIGHT and cool place for him to hang out and play with his brother.

Decor Inspiration For My Boys Room.png

I already have the furniture in place, the fun part will be the huge pop of color with the wall and adding in some fun pieces that show off his personality!

Where do you shop for fun kids/baby decor?