Mothers Day 2017

There are still some moments when I wake up to these two faces and can't believe that I'm their mom. The past six months have been a blur since Baby KC's arrival. I have honestly never experienced this level of exhaustion in my life. With Grey, I remember being tired but I would just try to sleep as much as possible when he slept. This time however, I was awake for much longer stretches since sleep time for baby didn't mean that my toddler was tired, so I'd have to stay awake. The lack of sleep resulted in a mild case of PPD, but these days I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again. 

Despite the challenges that have come adding a new family member, I feel beyond grateful for the opportunity to raise to these two boys. Grey loves being a big brother and is turning into quite the little man. He constantly surprises us with his extensive vocabulary and likes to help us clean the house. I wonder how long that will last for? Ha! Baby KC is the happiest baby and thriving despite some health issues that he was born with. He's so cuddly and loves playing with his brother.


For the holiday, my mom, sister and the boys and headed to a local restaurant where we made brunch reservations. My cousin so happened to be visiting from Jamaica and joined us last minute which was a welcomed surprise.

This is one of my favorite people on the planet, so I was so happy to see him! He's basically in all of my childhood photos because he was always right behind me, protecting me. We even promised to marry each other when we grew up LOL. Darren was my first best friend and any time with him is so special to me.

Being a mother is the most challenging job I've ever had, so I appreciate days when I get a extra hand or feel acknowledged for all that I do. I love my little guys so much and when I think about how much they love me too, I get so emotional. Babies just want to be with their mommies and Grey tells me a million times a day how much he loves me. It makes me feel really good. They make me feel so special and purposeful, even on days when I don't feel like I'm enough. Jolie even let me know that she was with me on that day! It was beautiful.