5 Ways To Make Time For Meditation As A Busy Mom

Meditation seems to be one of those mystical things reserved for yogi's, Russell Simmons and some other rich people. How do you do it? Where would you find time in your schedule to do it? How are you supposed to sit down and think about nothing when you have so much going on? OMG, you're going to miss something on social media if you put your phone down for a little bit to center yourself! How does this all work?

Meditation is something I've tried on and off over the past few years but it never really stuck because like most people, I had a lot of misconceptions about it. I'm currently in a 10 Day Meditation Bootcamp which is helping me to learn some simple techniques, debunk some untruths and help me with the discipline of doing this everyday. Meditation has been helping me with my anxiety, it helps with my manifestations and helps me to feel better overall. There are so many benefits that I'd love to share you another time.

However, before I even share why it's so amazing, I know one of things you're going to hit me with is, "This is cute and all...but I'm a busy mom and I don't have time for this!". You're driving these kids to their activities, you're sleep deprived, you can barely find time to eat - how the hell are you supposed to find time to meditate as a busy mom? I'll tell ya...

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1) Stop Saying You Don't Have Time To Meditate

If you keep saying you don't have time, then you won't. If you think, say or hear something enough, it becomes a belief. You've essentially convinced yourself that this is true when it simply isn't. I'm here to tell you that you have more than enough time to meditate. It's not that you don't have the time to meditate, it's that you don't make it a priority. You don't make the time, so you feel like you don't have the time to meditate, but you do.

2) Shift Your Mindset To Understand That You Only Need 5 Minutes To Meditate

So here's another reason why I know you have time to meditate - you only NEED 5 minutes to do it. I know you may be under the misconception that you need to meditate for a long time each session, however you don't. It's more important that you meditate five minutes daily than trying to sit there for 45 minutes trying to make fetch happen every once in a while. The daily repetition is more important than the length.

You HAVE five minutes that you can dedicate to meditating. As I mentioned in the 5 Reasons To Take A Digital Detox post, even cutting down on your social media time will carve out this extra time that you need. You waste five minutes doing all kinds of things during the way, why not dedicate it to your inner self and mental health? Instead of aimlessly scrolling through social media, dedicate just five minutes to daily self care.

3) Wake Up 5 Minutes Earlier Than You Typically Do To Meditate

As a mom, I know how much we treasure sleep. It can even be a rare occurrence for us. However, what if you woke up just five minutes earlier? Do you wake up to an alarm? Set it for just a few minutes earlier so that you can have a few minutes to yourself to meditate before your kids wake up. Let's say 6 minutes earlier so you have time to wipe your eyes and set a five minute alarm for meditation. Find a guided meditation on youtube (such as this one), focus on your breathing and center yourself before going about your day. Meditating first thing in the morning helps you to have a much better day as you will be in a better mood and you'll be able to think clearer.

4) Meditate As You're Winding Down For Bed

If the thought of waking up an extra 5 minutes just seems utterly dreadful and unrealistic, dedicate 5 minutes to meditation before bed. I know sometimes we totally fall once we wrestle the little ones down to bed and tuck them in, but I'm willing to bet that you take a few minutes before bed to scroll on your phone. So how about we skip that since the artificial light from your Smartphone is tricking your brain into thinking you're more awake than you actually are? What we're gonna do instead is get the kids to bed, set a five minute timer and meditate. You'll be so relaxed when you're done that you'll be ready for bed when you're done and you'll sleep better.

5) Meditate Where You Can

Listen, we don't have to make this a big production! You can meditate in bed, you can take an extra five minutes in the bathroom while getting ready, in your car on your lunch break - get it in where you can. You don't have to be in some special sacred space with incense and all, take it where you can get it. It's ok, I promise. The fact that you're taking the time to meditate is more important than where you do it.