5 Reasons To Take A Digital Detox

As women, we tend to struggle with this idea that we're invincible superheros that can be everything for everyone. While we tend to pull it off for the most part, we typically forget about the most important person of all - ourselves. Yes, I know, we've been conditioned to think that giving without replenishing ourselves makes us "a good woman" or "a great mom". But what's left for us? If you're like me - a human - you'll eventually hit a wall.

After months of not sleeping well, and not taking the time to truly take care of me - I decided to take a break from work. Actually, I was advised to take this break months ago by my Spiritual Teacher, but I couldn't even process what that meant. As far as I was concerned, if I wasn't at my computer trying to make things happen all day, it meant that I didn't want success or to financially contribute to my family bad enough. I finally let go of that mindset (you can listen to my breakthrough on an episode of HELLO 30) and my body was happy I did. 

I have two boys at home, so it's not like I could totally check out, but it felt good to slow down from obsessing about business and just be.

This downtime also involved a digital detox which was much needed. As a millenial MOMpreneur, I spent A LOT of time of my computer and scrolling social media on my phone. I'm posting for my businesses and like anyone else, one task can lead to a rabbit hole where you end up five profiles deep until you catch yourself wondering who you're even looking at. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't perfect, but my time on my phone was cut down significantly, I'd say about 95%. I still made it a priority to check on my support group and I had a course I paid for which took place in a private facebook group. Nonetheless, here are some benefits I experienced that I'd like to share with you:

1. You'll Be More Present With Your Child(ren)

This is certainly the most beneficial of all the reasons to take a digital detox. How many times has your child been talking to you but you're distracted with scrolling, choosing the right filter or trying to write the perfect caption? Sometimes, we miss a whole conversation, our kids doing something special for the first time or just those small moments we can't get back all because we're watching a video or something. 

During this time, I didn't hear myself say, "Just one second..." as much, because I was fully aware and in the moment. I'm sure my four year greatly appreciated that.

Even if you don't have children, you'll be wwaaayyyy more present with your partner and your friends. They'll be so thankful for your undivided attention.

2. You'll Sleep Better

Something we're all guilty of is scrolling before bed. However, did you know that doing this makes it harder for us to wind down? It's because of the artificial light on the phone makes our brains think we're more awake than we actually are. Many of us think this a great way to slow down at bedtime, but it's been scientifically proven to have the opposite effect.

Think about it? How many times have you laid down in bed with your phone in hopes of falling asleep, but 45 minutes later, you're still fantasizing on Instagram or reading articles on Facebook? I fell asleep so much faster each night.

During my digital detox, I got so much more sleep than usual because I wasn't as involved in group chat, keeping up with a social editorial calendar or seeing what people we up to on the gram. Typically, I would even jump back on the computer after everyone went to sleep and stayed on until my eyes couldn't stand it anymore in the wee hours of the morning. Now I've gotten back in the habit of journaling, meditating and sleeping while my affirmations play.

3. You'll Cut Down On Comparison

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we compare ourselves to others - especially on Instagram. I'm going to be super transparent here. When I look at the accounts of super successful bloggers traveling the world 24/7 with their families, it doesn't make me envious, but it does make me wonder if I can ever live a life like that. As a coach, when I see others in my field working from the beach and bringing in 5 figures per month, on a day where I don't feel that great about myself, it makes wonder what I'm doing wrong. When I see other beauty brands that have started around the same time as me or after me, and they're totally killing it, but I haven't made any sales for the day, I start to question myself.

Of course, this isn't a daily thing, but on days when nothing seems to be working - scrolling through social media magnifies the feeling. 

I know that social media is the highlight reel and it's not a true representation about the sum of our lives, but we all have moments where we compare ourselves. We're human. It happens. During my time off social media I did less of seeing what others were doing and I was able to brainstorm what would work best for myself and my audiences. I gained a lot of clarity because I didn't have anything influencing what I thought would work best.

4. You'll Be In A Higher Vibration

While social media is fun for the most part, it can really bring you down. I have one friend who I swear only posts the worst possible things that she can find on social media. Photos of dead children, videos of people being killed, disease - her timeline looks like a horror movie! I will never understand why people feel the need to share every single terrible thing they come across, but that's for another day...

Being bombarded by bad news throughout the day is so bad for your mental health. Everything you consume seeps into your subconscious whether you realize it or not, shapes your beliefs and affects your vibration. The news perpetuates fear and because we all live in our own worlds shaped by our own experiences, we have different opinions. Reading comments from being who don't agree with you activates negative emotions. If you take a step further and start to engage, you're lowering your vibration and not feelings so good - even if you think you've proven someone wrong. 

You'll be happier when you're not flooded with bad news stories and drama.

5. You'll Be More Productive

So, multi-tasking is actually not a thing. Your brain can't be fully focused on more than one thing at once, it can only switch back and forth between tasks. I mentioned this a little earlier when I shared how being off your phone makes you more present with your child(ren) and this is why. You can't fully pay attention to your child, your work, your spouse, or another task while also being on your phone. 

We often complain about how much we don't have time for this or that, but if you added up how much time you spend on social media, you'd see what a time waster it is. A minute or two here and there adds up throughout the day.

Without having your phone as a distraction, you can get so much more done and at a faster pace.

I love this post by Caitlin Kruse about how much not checking her email on her phone anymore has benefited her life.