What Is A Babyloss Grief Coach And What's The Benefit?

After experiencing babyloss, I sought guidance in as many ways as I could. I was open to just about anything, I just wanted the pain that I was feeling to go away. I sought help through traditional therapy and church, in addition to feeding my soul through books, positive programming (thanks OWN Network), podcasts, etc. However, nothing compared to speaking to others who had been there, learning their stories and finding out how they managed to continue on despite their loss.

Before being released from the hospital, I remember looking the window next to my bed and watching all the cars driving by. I couldn't understand how all these people were just going about the lives while I was positive that mine was over. I was in this building hurting, and life was going on with me. How was I supposed to jump back into society and function as a normal human being?

One of the nurses came in and sat with me for a while. She told me that she had experienced four miscarriages. That didn't make any sense to me. How could she have gone through that so many times, yet she was coming to work, speaking normal and even smiling. Was there hope that I could do the same one day?

As I started to progress in my own journey, I found women flocking to me for inspiration and advice. Me? I've always done my best to encourage those who have experienced this pain and show that how good life can be again one day if they learn how to not give up.

Now that I am a Grief Coach dedicated to helping my community of fellow babyloss mothers, I wanted to explain exactly what a coach does and how it can be beneficial. 

There are many forms of help and each type has their place.

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