Motherhood, Take 3

Baby KC arrived almost a month earlier than scheduled, on a Saturday when my main focus for the day was to take Grey to the library. Everything happened so quickly that I didn't even have the opportunity to get any medication. I've always been adament about having a natural birth. The one time I tried to relax about my birthing plan and was open to an epidural, I didn't have the chance to get a single drop of anything. That cracked me up! Within an hour or so of arriving to the hospital, I gave birth to another beautiful boy who I am just so in love with.

Life with my two boys has been a Blessing, but truthfully, it's been equally EXHAUSTING. KC is now 2 months old and we're still going strong with feedings every two to three hours around the clock which is new for me. Grey spoiled me by starting to sleep through the night at two weeks old. I must admit, that the first few days were very hard as Grey came down with the flu the same week that the baby came home. While my hubby had taken off the week to support me, we ended up having to keep the boys separated and taking care of each solo so that no germs were passed around. 

Taking care of these little guys who need all my attention and trying to build businesses feels like I'm trying to do the impossible on most days. However, God is giving me the strength everyday to do my best. Although it's been just a few short weeks, I feel like KC has always been here. Grey loves being a big brother and has adjusted very well. He's always there to soothe KC when he hears him crying, he loves to give him kisses and talk to him. I pray this bond never fades. 

Overall, I'm so happy and sometimes I look at my sleeping babies and wonder if this is all real. I don't take any of this for granted!

Though I don't know what the future holds, I have so many hopes and dreams for my family. We're sacrificing and facing a few obstacles at the moment, but I know that together we can do anything. We have everything as long as we have each other.

If there's anything these boys have taught me, it is that you will be rewarded when you don't give up. 

They are physical manifestations of what I can do when I keep God first, believe in myself and push past fear.