The Perfect Postpartum Outfit + How To Love Your Post Baby Body

Blazer: Forever 21 // Dress: Forever 32 // Bag: Michael Kors // Shoes: Michael Kors

Getting use to your post baby body takes a lot of patience...unless you're one of the lucky who walks out the hospital looking like you were never pregnant. Some women are naturally blessed that way (I'm not one of them) while some are so consumed by the "snapback" culture that they beat themselves up before they're bodies have even gotten a chance to properly heal.

I mean, took 9 months for these changes to happen to your body! I don't see the point in being hard on yourself when it's not back to "normal" within just a few weeks. We have to learn how to be more gentle with ourselves. Our bodies just went through A LOT, wouldn't you agree?

Having done this for the third time, my biggest advice to new mommies would be to remain in an attitude of gratitude when it comes to your body and direct your energy towards being present with your newborn instead of punishing yourself. 

I know its hard, especially seeing celebrities back in their size 2 like five minutes after delivery, but I promise it's going to be ok. This is the time to replenish your body by staying hydrated and eating well - especially if you're breastfeeding. Even if you're formula feeling, again, it's time to help your body. And vitamins, don't forget those! 

In terms of dressing your newly postpartum body, consider the following:

  • Shape Wear: I'm not telling you to go out and force yourself into a waist trainer. There is shape wear created specifically for postpartum bodies such as the uber popular Belly Bandit that helps put everything back together as your uterus contracts to it's regular size.
  • Wear Dresses: Dresses are amazing for the following reasons 1) It makes getting dressed effortless, 2) You can purchase flowy dresses that are forgiving but won't make you feel matronly 
  • Layer With A Cool Blazer: If you've been around here long enough you know that I'm obsessed with blazers. I particularly love the one I'm sharing in this post because it gives me the coverage and chicness of a blazer, but the sleeves are short. 

In the event that I do go somewhere other than to my sons school or to the baby's doctors appointments, I'm pretty sure this is the outfit you will find me in. It's comfortable, I have light layers for our version of Fall here in Florida, and the Micheal Kors loafers adds an extra bit of glamour with the huge gemstone.

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