My Baby Shower Outfit

My baby shower is an event that almost didn't happen. I didn't really want one and even when I started to warm up to the idea, it still took me months to really commit. Once the week of rolled around, I realized that I didn't even have anything to wear.

Going shopping when you're big, sweaty and your feet are swollen is just not fun. I was over it before I even left the house. My little sister suggested Forever 21. Even though I wasn't convinced, I figured I'd go along with her idea and see what happened. Secretly, I had my mind made up that if I didn't find something within an hour, I'd be taking my ass home empty handed. Maybe I would just roll through in my pajamas!

The first thing I found was the skirt that just looked super comfy and the color really stood out to me! I loved the jewel tone and when I spotted the hat nearby, I knew I had to find something to work with them. I wasn't interested in anything else. Looking at the skirt and hat, I began to envision wearing it with a whimsical lace blouse. 

Things started to feel dismal for a while, but a trip to the plus size section resulted in me finding this top - the only one left! Of course it had a stain on it, but the cashier was nice enough to give me a small discount for the trouble of me having to go home and work on removing it.

Overall, I wanted to feel pretty, a little glamorous but most of all, comfortable. I was really happy with how it all came together, and how quickly I found everything.

While my due date was yesterday, my little guy is now 3 weeks old and I couldn't be happier that he's here. I'm not gonna lie, I am sleep deprived and shared on facebook yesterday how much I look and feel like a zombie - BUT, I recognize that I am Blessed beyond measure.