Do You Have A Night Time Routine?

I once shared why it's important to be intentional about the first 20 minutes of your day and suggestions on how to do so. I've recently realized that I have a quite the night time routine down as well. It doesn't go in the same order every single night, but I have some things that I MUST do before I can settle in comfortably. I've also been making it a point to get my toddler on a more intentional night time schedule as well so that I can breathe a little easier while balancing a newborn as well.

I'm not a rigid person when it comes to scheduling - I'm very much "go with the flow" - but as our lives get more full, I've been realizing how much more I need to up my self care to keep this ship afloat. Without my routine, I find it extremely difficult to wind down. This is a far cry from the beginning of this year where I barely slept because I was so anxious and restless. 

Have do you feel as you get ready for bed? Do you feel like you haven't done enough? Do you feel grateful for the day? Are you running down a list of what went wrong throughout the day? Do you feel satisfied?

As I mentioned, on some nights I do all these things and on others I pick just a few things, it all depends on what took place during the day and how tired I am. Again, because I am a woman of flow, I don't make my "routine" a chore. I do the things that feel good to me in that moment:

  • Prayer
  • Gratitude Journaling ( here's how I do it )
  • I Read A Few Pages From One of My Favorite Books On Wealth Consciousness
  • Use My Diffuser With Lavender Essential Oil To Help Myself To Relax
  • Say Affirmations With My Family
  • Use My Planner To Write Down The Top 3 Work Related Things That Need To Be Done The Following Day 

Simple enough right? I don't do it in any particular order. I allow my intuition to get me from task to task. I ask myself, "What does my soul need tonight?" and then I do that. 

What About You? What Does The Last 30-45 Minutes Of Your Day Look Like?

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