A Chill Backyard Baby Shower


If I'm being totally honest with you, I was not that interested in having a baby shower this round. My energy has been really low this pregnancy, I wasn't in the mood for planning anything. My pregnancy brain couldn't deal with researching venues. When I do things, I try to do it as big as possible (like Grey's shower) but I didn't want to spend the money on a party as I'm now preparing my home to have two small children. I just wasn't into it.

I also couldn't decide if I was going to ask everyone come to Orlando, or if we would drive down to South Florida. It was stressing me out!

Just when I finally convinced Wannie that I was going to skip this whole thing, my aunt called to find out when I was having a shower and almost fell out when I told her I wasn't having one. Next thing I knew, she told me I was having it at her house, we agreed on a date and I started working on a guest list. In the end, us going to South Florida made the most sense as opposed to trying to get everybody to come to Orlando.

Finally, shower day rolled around on a stormy Saturday. Every time we tried to set up outside, it would start raining. I checked the weather app and realized that it was going to rain off and on all day ((slaps forehead)). We ended up making the best of it by setting up on the back porch. Between the rain and some other unforeseen events (like my aunt slicing her finger open and having to leave for the docs), we didn't really start until about two and a half hours past the intended time. I was moody about it, but everyone went out of their way to make this happen for me so I did my best to not be a hormonal jerk and went with the flow. Hey, you can't control everything!



I decided on an rustic outdoor theme. Mom and I got took a trip to Michael's where we were able to get majority of the decor for 50% off. I knew that I wanted just one long table and I'm so happy we went that route as we ended up having to move the party indoors. I also raided my house for some decor elements as well to keep cost down, such as the mason jars and the a lot of the faux flowers.


Once we looked everything over, I felt that it was too flat and I needed to glam it up a bit. A cost effective option that came to mind was buying some pineapples and spray painting them metallic gold. It turned out perfect and added lots of texture to  the table. Between three of my aunts, we were able to borrow the tables, chairs and tables clothes for free.99 instead of going with our usual rental company.



Wannie organized a few games for us. The first and most entertaining was the baby bottle drinking competition. The first to guzzle done a baby bottle filled with beer was declared the winner...and won even more alcohol, lol.  My cousins Janique and Mory proudly took the prize.

Second up, Kenny and I had to sit in front of everyone and we played something similar to the "newlywed game" but related to our family. I really liked this game, I don't know if it was as fun for everyone else since we know each other so well lol. But thanks to the lively personalities in the audience we were laughing non-stop as we did our best to have our answers match.




Before dinner was served, we began opening gifts from our amazing family and friends. Baby K is already being spoiled! I'm so grateful and blown away from the amount of stuff we had to take home. Wannie also incorporated a 3rd game into this part of the party - Baby Shower Bingo. Upon arrival, guests had to fill out their bingo cards with what they thought I would be gifted with. Congrats to Fae & Chanel for winning before I even finished opening everything!

ETC //


A special thank you to my mommy for helping me organize everything, doing all the run around so I wouldn't have to and for my outfit.

Last but not least. a special thank you to my Wannie who has now hosted both of my baby showers and always organizes fun games with the best prizes. Also, thank you for driving me around to different venues earlier in the planning process when I couldn't make up my mind about what I was doing, ha! You're the best!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out despite the rain and heat. I appreciate you all so much! Thank you for everything!