The Disney Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell


Last weekend my family and I were invited to Walt Disney World to experience the Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell! Despite the fact that I've officially lived in Orlando now for 2 years, I had not stepped foot inside of the park since I was 10 years old. Crazy right? I've been to some resorts and The Character Breakfast, but not inside any of the actual parks. It's been one of those things we keep saying that we'll get to and just haven't. However, when this opportunity presented itself and I was able to include everyone (my hubby and little sister had never been), I jumped at the chance!


After a quick stint over at Animal Kingdom thanks to my moms persistence, we headed over to Magic Kingdom for what we were really there to see, the Main Street Electrical Parade. Having it's final showing on October 9th, we were able to experience the legendary nighttime show before its final farewell.

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Before settling in for the parade, we explored various parts of Magic Kingdom and were memorized as we watched the fireworks & light show at Cinderella's castle.


As the show time approached, we made sure to grab a good spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade! It was so beautiful! Not gonna lie, it kinda made me excited for Christmas to come ((covers face in shame)). My family loved it and Grey had a really fun time pointing out the different characters as they passed by.

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Will you head to Walt Disney World to check out the Main Street Electrical Parade before it's last showing?

In the event that you can't made it, I made sure to record it for you - although Youtube has significantly diminished the quality of my video :( Enjoy!


This post was created in partnership with Walt Disney World, however all opinions expressed are my own