We're Having Another Baby And It's A...

At the beginning of the year my bestfriend and I spoke to a lady who gave me my lucky days for the first quarter. In true Jhéanell fashion, I forgot all the dates except for one. I was somehow convinced that this day was going to involve money falling out the sky (a girl can dream right), so I made sure to request the day off work. I knew whatever lucky thing was happening, it sure as hell was not going down at in my cubicle. Boring! I then forgot all about it and actually showed up to work on the day I requested off months prior. I was immediately told to go home and enjoy having the house to myself. My best friend also ordered me to go get a mani and pedicure which I hadn't done in about a year at that point.

As I enjoyed a rare moment of pampering, I could not keep my eyes open to save my life. I'd been very tired for a few weeks but I attributed it to being bored at work and then coming home to run my business, study with my coach, try to start a new business, blog, be a mom, etc. I had my nails painted pink and went home where I proceeded to sleep for 5 uninterrupted hours. Something told me that I needed to take a pregnancy test, so the hubby and I went to the pharmacy that night. Before we headed to bed, our lives took another turn - the test read PREGNANT.

I just knew this baby was a girl. I'd been praying to God to bless me with another girl, my skin has terrible discoloration like I did with Jolie, I'm exhausted all the time like I was with her - I just knew for sure that it was a girl and so did all my friends and family...except Ken. He told me that he wanted a girl but felt that it was a boy. I told him he was wrong and so did everyone else. I wouldn't even acknowledge boy names when he would bring them up and would often shush him when he asked what I would do if it was a boy. I knew I was having a girl and didn't want to hear talk of anything else. I even picked an amazing name! I could see her face, I looked at clothing for her, this was going to be my biggest manifestation yet!

Fast forward to Mondays gender scan - the moment of truth - who was right? Grey was #TeamSister with me the whole pregnancy, but switched teams during the ultrasound. What a trader! I couldn't wait to shove it in his and his Daddy's face. We then found out that Baby #3 is...


Yup! We're adding another baby boy to the family. Truthfully I was in shock for a few minutes. How could I be wrong? After Ken screamed, "In your face!" for a few minutes and reality set in, I got hit with a huge wave of excitement. I've always said I wouldn't mind having another Lil Grey, but I'm sure this little guy is going to have his own personality. I can't wait to see his little face! Besides I have tons of boy stuff that Grey hasn't even worn or touched. Thanks to being a hoarder, I saved just about everything. I also think about Kenny and the bond that he and his 3 older brothers share, and I would love for my boys to experience the same. As for the rest of the family, most of them are still in denial about it not being a girl but are excited nonetheless.

Most importantly, this pregnancy has been very uneventful which is a first for me. Baby and I are both perfect! I am being treated as high risk due to my history - and I hope I don't jinx myself here - but I haven't had any complications thus far. This is new to me but a welcomed change from my last two pregnancies. I will be doing the 17-P injections again as it worked for me last time and of course and my stress has to be non-existent. I struggled a lot the first few weeks with my fear of "the m word" but I've been learning to channel my worry into creativity.

I went back and forth with this for a while, but I'm now looking forward to journaling through my pregnancy here as I did with Jolie and Grey. A lot of my feelings were fear based and fear is not of God. At the end of the day, I began blogging with the sole purpose of creating a space that my children can read one day as a way to get to know me before and after becoming their mommy. I'm not sure if there's much I can do to prepare myself to manage a toddler and a newborn but being the planner I am, I will try. Do you have any tips for me?