MiniVan Swag With The 2016 Kia Sedona


When I was 17, my dad tried to convince me that I needed to have a minivan for my first car. Yup, my dad tried to explain to me  - as a high school senior - that I needed to drive a minivan to stay safe on the road. Thankfully, mom was on my side and we shut down the minivan debacle before it went too far. During Grey's birthday weekend I had the opportunity to test out the 2016 Kia Sedona for the most comfortable ride ever to Miami. I'm not gonna lie, in the beginning, I had some flashbacks about the minivans of the late 90's - early 2000's which gave me some apprehension about riding around in this thing. However, once this bad boy showed up in my driveway, I was instantly impressed by how sleek it was. Hello  19-inch Chrome Wheels!  Actually, my sister sent me a video of it before I even got home and told me she was excited about getting in it.

Let me count the ways that I love this thing. The interior is beautiful, spacious and comes with tons of amenities that any family would love such as millions of cup holders. Ugh, and girl - the outlets!  Do you know how many arguments happen during our road trips over who can charge what at what time? The 2016 Kia Sedona boasts "up to eight outlets, including three 12v outlets, one AUX/USB port, two available AC power outlets, and two available USB 2.1 rapid-charging ports". The seats are temperature controlled and feature second-row First-Class Lounge Seating. You can control just about every feature from the driver seat of this vehicle - the doors, the windows, the temperature of the seats, navigation...just everything in life in general.


The THREEnager's favorite thing is the built in television that comes with 2 headphones. This was the quietest road trip we've ever had. We were able to pop in his favorite Minion DVD's to keep him entertained while we still had access to listen to whatever we wanted to. Finally, we could listen to songs with curse words in it without fear that he would hear it and repeat them, ha! To keep it all the way real, we want a Kia Sedona. I know, shocking, but hear me out. It has everything single thing your family needs and more. It handles well, the safety features are out of this world and its LUXURIOUS. As resistant to a minivan as we were in the beginning, now we're like, "...well it's not that bad". Does this make me an actual adult now?

Don't believe me about how cool this ride is? Watch the video below.

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