Grey's 3rd Birthday At Zoo Miami


Over the weekend, we headed down to Zoo Miami to celebrate Grey's 3rd birthday. I officially have a THREEnager! 2 was a really fun year - my little guys personality really started to shine through, we have conversation and hanging out with a toddler is so much more fun than with a newborn. Don't get me wrong, that fresh new baby scent is great and they're so cute when they're that tiny, but I'm loving this stage. He is so silly and makes me laugh so much. Sometimes he catches me off guard with new words and phrases that I had no idea he knew about. He's so smart!

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We didn't want to have a birthday party this year, but we wanted to do something we knew that Grey would be really excited about. I've mentioned before that he loves animals - especially elephants and giraffes. We took him to the zoo last year, but that zoo was much smaller and didn't have any elephants or a lot of the other animals that he wanted to see. Zoo Miami was perfect and also gave me the opportunity to invite some friends and family along if they wanted to hang with us for the afternoon.

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All week leading up to our zoo day, Grey kept asking if their would be elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys and lions. He was so excited and asked almost everyday as we got ready for school if we were "going to see the animals". He was a little cranky throughout the day after the long ride and missed nap times, but he was happy for the most part and had some friends to play with as he explored the property. It's changed so much since my then boyfriend (now husband) and I visited back in 2008. I'd definitely recommend taking your family to Zoo Miami or even going as a date like we did back in the day.

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^^ Grey pretending to be a lion ^^

Thank You To Everyone Who Came To Celebrate With Us!

Have You Ever Visited Zoo Miami?