The 2016 Mazda CX-3


The first thing I thought when I laid eyes on the Mazda CX-3 was, "Wow! This is hot!". The Dynamic Blue color instantly caught my eye and I absolutely loved the look of this subcompact crossover. This car held me down during a weekend of absolute madness. Over the course of three days, I went to work, left to immediately co-host the Christmas Sweater Party, I was in Fort Lauderdale the following morning and then made it back to Orlando with 45 minutes to spare before going live for my very first webinar. With up to 29 city, 35 highway, I was able to ride around the city as well as to and from South Florida without breaking the bank.

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Out of all the cars that we've had the pleasure of test driving, this one turned the most heads. It handled well and had a beautiful interior that featured luxuries such as heated seats,Rear Cross Traffic Alert and my personal favorite - the 7″ Full-Color Touchscreen. The features were endless which also included the Bose® 7-speaker Sound System which made it fun to ride around while blasting my favorite songs.

While the 2016 Mazda CX-3 ranks high in safety, I wouldn't recommend it as the designated family vehicle. I personally felt that the interior wasn't roomy enough. The trunk space was awesome for all the baggage during our road trip, but Grey wasn't too comfortable once his car seat was in, unless the person in the passenger seat didn't mind pulling the seat very close to the front of the vehicle. If it were just myself and hubby, this would be great but it wouldn't work well long term for our growing family.

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We still love "Blueberry" though! Every time we spot one on the street, Kenny fantasizes about owning one and talks about how much he loved it! Can I share something? Every time I got behind the wheel of this car, I felt insanely cooler than usual. Maybe mama needs her own car!


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