Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


It's Christmas Eve! How crazy is it that we're at the end of 2015 and in the thick of Holiday season? Truth be told, I haven't been too much into Christmas this year - not because I don't have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for - but, I'm so excited about 2016 and all that is to come, that I'm mentally already in the new year. It's a good and a bad thing, but slowly but surely, the Christmas spirit has been creeping up on me.

Last Friday night. my friend Bianca and I co-hosted our Inaugural Christmas Party at Izea in Winter Park, FL. I blurted out the idea after a few Mimosas at her networking event, and somehow it all came to fruition - largely in part to Bianca's amazing planning skills. The premise was for us all to be dressed in Ugly Christmas Sweaters and bring in toys to be donated to Toys For Tots. While we got the toy part down, everyone was extremely fashionably and wore the cutest sweaters. Good thing I ended up scrapping the idea for the ugliest sweater contest because no one would've won, ha!

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We had an amazing taco bar catered by Chilangos Mexican Restaurant in Winter Springs, FL. Everything tasted so yummy! I may have made myself about three tacos...don't judge me.


I came up with the idea of having a Christmas Ornament relay race. Instead of trying to balance an egg on a spoon, I brought an ornament that the ladies had to quickly travel with across the room. I was a little nervous that people weren't going to be into it, but everyone was so excited to participate and down to have fun! These girls are amazing! 

Delcy of Elite Bar Services provided us with vodka infused gummy bears for our party favors. They were a huge hit! I took some home for hubby and now he's hooked.

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We also played "2 truths and a lie" which was such a fun way to get to know each other beyond business and blogging. We learned tons of new and interesting things around one another. Some of the stories were hilarious! I even shared my embarrassing story about the time I met Mariah Carey and had to be escorted away by security because I completely froze like a statue, ha! I also asked the ladies to share their 2016 goals which led to us ending the night on a powerful and inspiring level. I almost teared up towards the end, it was beautiful and I really appreciated how open everyone was.

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Because I'm all about empowering women to walk in their purpose and go after all the things that they truly want, I thought it would a an awesome idea to gift everyone with manifestation checks. These are blank checks that I had everyone fill out with the amount of money that they would like to make in 2016. Just like I did a few days later in my webinar, I explained to the ladies that when you set an intention, believe in it wholeheartedly and take action - anything is possible. Oftentimes our goals seem huge and unrealistic, but it's not our job to try to figure how something is going to happen. Our job however, is to allow ourselves to find, figure out what is most authentic to us and allow The Universe to open doors for us. Our goals and dreams wouldn't be placed in our hearts if we didn't have the capabilities to make it happen. We've all been assigned different things to aspire to. I hope that everyone left inspired, knowing that they have the power within themselves to manifest abundance, peace and whatever else they desire into their lives.

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TOP (left to right) Bianca | Michelle | Delcy | Ashley | Allie | Laila | Me

BOTTOM (left to right) Stephanie | Maya | Lex | Whitney | Pamela | Melrose

I had so much fun hanging out and getting to know everyone. Part of my anxiety about moving away from South Florida was that I'd have to make new friends and start networking all over again - I just didn't want to do it. Bianca would invite me to meet ups all the time and I'd always find an excuse not to go. However, now that I'm back to my regular positive self, I've been getting out and have been meeting such amazing women with so much drive and talent. I'm so thankful for being embraced by the Orlando blogging community.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for tacos, champagne, games, laughs and impromptu empowerment session. This was certainly one of the highlights of my year. Bianca, this party wouldn't have been possible without you - thank you for everything!

our ugly Christmas sweater party