Oldest Wooden School // St. Augustine, Florida


After talking non-stop about how much we've fallen in love with St. Augustine, Kenny and I finally made our way back north with the whole family along this time. We ended up doing a lot of the same things from the last trip since everyone wanted to visit the places we were telling them about. I was kind of annoyed at first, however, I found that I was continuing to learn new things with a second visit and ended up having even more fun than last time. We had Grey with us which is always fun as everything is new to a toddler, and allows you to appreciate even the smallest things with fresh eyes.

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One of the new places we visited on this trip was the Old Wooden School House located right on St. George Street in the midst of Historic Downtown St. Ausgustine. This school was built over 200 years ago in America's oldest city and you can go inside to see what school was like under the rule of Imperial Spain. It's slighter under $5 per person to enter, and after exploring the grounds, you leave with our very own diploma. It's a cute little place with a small garden area to roam.


This is where the kids who misbehaved would have to sit, in "The Dungeon" - little ones these days have it so good. If you couldn't afford the tuition for school, parents would have to barter to so that their children would have an education. There was also an outhouse called "The Meditation Room" where my mom took a hilarious picture, but we don't need to share that on the internet, ha!

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Grey's favorite part was ringing the school bell although he kept screaming that it was "too loud", only to ask to ring it again. 

Visiting the Old Wooden House School is a cute little thing to do if you're walking around the downtown area. We passed it several times during our last trip not realizing that there was an activity to do right there. There's also a ice cream stand right in front with a really yummy Pineapple Vanilla sorbet that's perfect while walking around and exploring this amazing city. I have lots of pictures to share with you - I can't get enough of this historic town.

Have You Ever Visited St. Augustine?