Lickety Split At The Four Seasons Orlando


Kenny and I are pretty low key and uncomplicated when it comes to most things. I mean, yes, champagne is the only alcoholic beverage that can tolerate, and my new motto has become, "There's no place like home...except The Four Seasons" - but generally, we aren't fancy people. While The Four Seasons Orlando offers a variety of high end restaurants to choose from, we barely left the comforts of our suite when we got hungry. Room Service is just so convenient, especially since all we had to do was order at the touch of a button.

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When we did manage to peel ourselves out of bed, we opted for Lickety-Split which allows you the option to grab your food to go, or hang out in the beautiful lounge which offers both indoor and outdoor seating. From gourmet sandwiches to the most delicious gelato I've ever tasted, Lickety-Split is a beautiful and sun soaked lounge with yummy gourmet choices prepared by top of the line chefs. Cold sandwiches will be unwrapped and panini pressed at your request...and I wouldn't suggest a visit to The Four Seasons Orlando without tasting their gelato and macaroons. My absolute favorite gelato was the "birthday cake".

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Lickety-Split is perfect after a dip in the pool and seemed to be a favorite for families looking to keep it simple for their children. You can find this lounge in the lobby where you can pay up front or have the total charged to your room.