Briarpatch Brunch Date In The 2016 Kia Soul #DriveKia


The 2016 Kia Soul is not a vehicle that I expected to enjoy. I've always been dismissive of them and even thought they were ugly. Is it a car? An SUV? I didn't get it. Crossovers aren't typically my thing. I didn't think it would be roomy enough for my family, however, when I pulled up to this fun little red number in my driveway I thought, "Hhhmmm...this might be fun!". As it turns out, my little sister is obsessed with the Kia Soul and told me that she was so excited about this media loan because she wanted one for college. Who knew?

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Again, Kia continues to surprise me and is shutting it down in terms of style, safety and features. Grey and I loved riding around town in the Kia Soul. Everyday as we pulled off to school and work, he'd ask, "Mommy can I see the sky?" - translation: "Hey lady! Open up that sun roof"! This car worked especially well for me as a mom on the go, as the key less entry made it so much easier for me to have a purse, toys a toddler in hand without having to fiddle around to find my keys. My family and I drove to the moon and back yet, for the entire week we had it, we never made a trip to the gas station. As a matter of fact, with 24 city / 30 highway MPG, we returned it one day 7 with a quarter tank of gas left.


On this particular day, we headed out to a day date at Briarpatch Restaurant on Park Ave in Winter Park. We dined on omelettes and the biggest piece of chocolate cake I've ever been presented. It was so good but we had to take at least half of it home. Even though we were on the tail end of long romantic anniversary weekend, we figured we'd keep it going since we had this fun car to drive in together. One of my biggest concerns when I test drive any car, is how comfortable of a ride it will be for my tall hubby. As it turns out, the Kia Soul has plenty of room for him, myself, the baby and his car seat, as well as an extra passenger or two.

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Truth be told, I was never a fan of Kia until my DriveShop experiences. I've been going through withdrawal over the past few days, I've even been trying to Push Start my personal vehicle which doesn't even have that option, lol. That became a quick habit. The backup camera was super convenient as well, now I have to go back to manually looking around - ugh, the struggle right? I also liked that I could charge my phone directly in the car without a charger, and with a simple push of the media button, I could listen to my favorite podcasts through the speakers.

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Sleek, stylish and safe - my impression of the Kia Soul has completely changed. With base MSRP starting at $15,690 it's also very affordable which puts it on my short list as we are on the market for purchasing a new car next car. Even more shocking, now I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Are You Into The 2016 Kia Soul?

 The post has been sponsored by DriveShop and Kia, however, all opinions are my own.