The Pumpkin Patch


For a Jamaican girl who thrives in tropical weather and will take sweltering heat over cold weather any day of the week, Fall is becoming my favorite season. Granted, Fall is mild here in Central Florida in comparison to the years that I lived in New York but stay with me. I find myself looking forward to the weather cooling down and being able to enjoy comfortably enjoy outdoor activities with my family without the risk of heat exhaustion. This past weekend we ventured over to a local pumpkin patch which is something I’ve never done before. Pumpkin Patches and Fall activities aren't things that exist in Jamaica where I spent the majority of my childhood. By the time I moved to New York as I pre-teen, I'd never heard it - much less my parents - so at 28, I went for the first time. My mother in law who is currently visiting from Jamaica didn't get it, I don't think my mom did either but she kinda of went with it. Me? I know nothing. I just found out about hayrides, apple picking and a bunch of other Fall related stuff that I apparently missed out on. As a first generation American, my two year old is introducing me to so many new things that I'm sure we'll continue to do for years to come.

On to the pumpkin patch we went so that Grey, my sister and I could do non-Halloween related project that I found on Pinterest of course. The one we visited was located at a local church which was filled with countless families snapping photos of their children as they hunted for the perfect pumpkin. They also had some fun backdrops and cut outs set up, as well as a farm with fake animals that my child was extremely fascinated with. That's where he chose to spend the majority of his time, pointing and naming all the animals for me, petting them and telling me that the sheep were cold. It was really cute and it was hard to get him out of there. All week he has been asking me to take him back to the farm. We had such a good time, I can't wait to do more.


What Are Some Of Your Family Fall Traditions?