Dressbarn Event With Carmen Marc Valvo And J's Everyday Fashion

Dressbarn Event With Carmen Marc Valvo

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Last night, Orlando's most fashionable ladies made their way down DressBarn at the Vineland Outlets to hang with fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo and blogger J's Everyday Fashion. For two hours we listened to incredible music by the fabulous DJ, ate the yummiest bite sized food and got to check out all the latest fashion at Dressbarn. As I mentioned earlier in the week, the brand has taken on a more youthful approach through their collection DressBar, which is jam packed with beautiful pieces that range from size 4 to 24. As the Holiday approaches and the need for cocktail attire increases, I will certainly visit frequently to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. You should do the same!


It's been so much fun working with and getting to know J. I'm so happy that I was able to play a small part in this campaign because of her. Cheers to collaboration!


The coolest thing about this party was that we were provided with cute tote bags that we could have monogrammed with our initials. What an amazing parting gift? Being the nerd that I am, I was so fascinated by the process and had to stick around to see how the whole process worked. I'll be sure to show off my bag in an upcoming post.


The highlight of the night of course was meeting Carmen Marc Valvo himself. If I could tell the 21 year old version of myself who was majoring in Fashion Merchandising that one day blogging would lead to this moment, I don't think she'd believe me. This incredible man has been at the forefront of fashion for over 25 years and has dressed your favorite celebrities. Most recently, Viola Davis was wearing one of his gowns when she made history as the first Black woman to win an Emmy for Best Lead Actress In A Drama Series. As a true lover of fashion, I have studied this his work and having the opportunity to talk to him about my fashion studies and the project that I completed about him for one of my final projects was priceless. He is so warm, humble and didn't mind me being quite the hugger. I will never forget this moment and will actually print this photo and hang it in my home. His LUXE by Carmen Marc Valvo collection for Dressbarn is stunning, affordable and truly luxe. 

So I had what Auntie Oprah calls a "Come to Jesus" moment with one of Carmen's staff members. He works in the Visual Merchandising department and we got to talking about that particular field as my first job out of college was as a Visual Merchandiser for Forever 21. It was fun to talk to someone who knew all the terms and could relate to my stories. But as I mentioned to him, I never really pursued fashion the way that I'd plan to. I left Miami and moved back home to New York after graduation but things didn't go as planned and my dreams of working in fashion went on the back burner. I'm still very passionate about the fashion industry but now that I live in Florida - especially now in Orlando - my options are slim to none as unless I work in a retail store. Truth be told, it makes me sad sometimes, especially because that Fashion Merchandising degree cost me thousands of dollars that I have to pay back although I've barely used to. I suppose it's not too late and anything is possible, we'll see what happens. For now, I have happy that I have a growing digital space that allows me to express my interest in fashion and fabulous events like this that allow me to pretend that I am in the thick of it all.

Only time will tell where I'm meant to be...