5 Ways To Get Your Skin Fall Ready

With the impending change of weather upon the horizon, it's time for some of us to switch up our skincare routines to adjust to the falling temperatures. Let me preface this by saying however, that completely changing out your products each and every season is not always necessary. Depending on your skin type, you may be wasting money doing that as everyone's skin reacts differently to the changing seasons - some don't react at all. The main factor that comes with Fall/Winter is that it can leave our skin prone to dryness due to the colder weather which results in a lack of moisture in the air. If your skin tends be become dry in general or specifically during this season, changing your products and routines would be necessary for you. My Fall/Winter product line up in Central Florida won't be as drastic of a change from my summer routine, as it would be if I were still living in New York. If I was still in South Florida, it wouldn't change at all. While there are a couple factors to consider before dropping your coins on a bunch of new products, here are some general guidelines to get your skin Fall ready.


1. Use A Skin Loving Soap or Facial Wash //

When washing your face, you want to make sure that you're not stripping your skin of it's natural oils. It's important to keep the PH of your skin balanced, it's the foundation of having beautiful skin. While conventional bar soaps accurately have a bad reputation for drying out your skin, Jolie Bloom Shower Bars are skin loving, puts moisturize back into the skin, offers anti-septic properties and provides anti-aging benefits as well.

2. Use A Rich Moisturizer //

Are you noticing a theme here? Moisture, moisture and more moisture! It's imperative that you level up on moisture during the colder months of the year. Find a moisturizer that is rich but does not contain yucky ingredients that will clog your pores. For example. the Jolie Bloom Summer Time Shine Essential Oil Lotion packs an intense amount of moisture in one bottle with just a few simple and natural ingredients. With ingredients like shea butter and organic unrefined coconut oil, this moisturizer is full of everything you need to have supple and glowing skin during the Fall.

3. Sunscreen // 

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen usage is not just for the summer time. You should be wearing sunscreen daily, all 365 days of the year. Harmful sun rays don't take a break and neither should you. Even on those gray days where the sun seems like it will never come out again, rays are still there. After trying out their products last year, Coola has become the go to suncare brand for myself and my family. Their products are organic and highly effective.

4. Exfoliate //

I can never stress the importance of exfoliation enough, yet it's a step that most people skip. As we get older, our cell regeneration slows down which causes dead skin to pile up. This is what typically causes us to break out and have dry, dull skin. Now that we're heading into a new season, it's time to remove those late night summer nights, day parties and tanning by choosing an exfoliating scrub that will help bring your skin to it's optimal level of health. Twice per week, I scrub from head to toe with the Jolie Bloom Coffee and Cane Sugar Scrub, especially after shaving my legs to avoid ingrown hairs. The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is another all natural gem that gets the job done.

5. Buy A Humidifier //

The winters that I spent living in New York were brutal on my skin and hair. I'd even wake up extremely thirsty in the middle of the night from because the heater dried the air out in our room. Eventually, I invested in a humidifier which made a huge difference. If you can purchase a humidifier as well, I'd suggest that you get one to put the moisturize back into the air. Avoid dehydrated skin by getting one of these trusty little gadgets for your bedroom.

I hope that you find these simple tips helpful as we transition into a new season.

What Are You Doing To Get Your Skin Fall Ready?