Mara Hoffman Presentation At The Versace Mansion - Miami Swim Week


Do you ever have those moments when you're in the middle of doing something incredible and you stop and wonder, "Is this really my life right now?". During Miami Swim Week I had the opportunity to attend the Mara Hoffman presentation at The Villa Casa Casaurina, better known as the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach. Not only did I get to attend the show, but my girls and I also had a exclusive invites to hang out backstage as the glam squad got the models ready for the show. We even had the pleasure of speaking with the lead makeup artist about his favorite products, and his inspirations for the looks.

Watch The Video Below

I have always told my fellow fashion enthusiast friends that when I get rich, my entire wardrobe will be Mara Hoffman. The colors are bright and the patterns are bold. I absolutely love her aesthetic! I even got a chance to say "hello" to Mara herself and was shocked that I didn't have a total fan girl moment. She's a fantastic designer and balances motherhood on top of it, I admire that. The crowd was filled with the who's who of the Miami fashion scene and models who posed around the pool area as guests snapped photos. The Villa Casa Casaurina itself is stunning, the late Gianni Versace's home is luxurious and features impeccable detail unlike anything I've ever seen.


On an emotional note, Miami Swim Week was a full circle moment for me. I can vividly remember working backstage at the shows as a Fashion student - sometimes with people who weren't so kind - and daydreaming about the day where I could sit front row. Fast forward 10 years later and I'm now being invited to shows of the big name designers that I love. I've stood in front of the Versace Mansion countless times, but to be able to hang out there and partake in such a unique experience was incredible. Even though we literally sweat our butts off to make it in the presentation, it was totally worth it - especially since I got to cool off with champagne while we waited for our driver afterwards. It pays to know someone working the door, I miss you Miami!