Kimono And Leather Skater Skirt


Kimono: Target | Crop Top: Stolen Borrowed From Kim | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sneakers: Payless

Before I start talking about clothes, I just need to express my excitement for my new camera that should be arriving at my doorstep this week. After almost 6 years and many injuries, my DSLR and lens are hanging on by a thread so I'm finally upgrading. I'm even switching from Nikon to a Canon which is a major turning point in my life. This camera is all I've been thinking about, I can't wait until it's in my hands. My co-workers are so tired of hearing about it, ha! I'm looking forward to providing higher quality photos for the blog (and my everyday life) and get back into creating video content for you guys as well. I'm about to level up! I have so many things planned for you that I can't wait to share.

On the style side of things, I wore this over the weekend while hanging out with bae my husband. Another major moment for me, showing my midriff. Granted, I know it's just a sliver of skin, but this is huge for me. I'm the girl who hasn't worn a bikini since I was 12 due to how insecure I've been about my body over the years. However, I'm in this incredible season of my womanhood where I'm fiercely confident in myself and felt like stepping out of my comfort zone. I've been back in the gym and eating clean, but I'm enjoying the current state of my body in the meantime. No need to be unhappy while I work on getting to my fitness goal. I feel great! Ladies like Gabi and Tanesha do such a good job of showing off how fly you can be even if you're a gal like us in the double digits. Although the end of summer is coming up soon on the calendar, it's going to be quite a while before it cools down here in Florida. I'm late to the crop top party, but I'm here. I can't wait to find some more date night options to bare some skin! Come through belly jelly!


Have You Been Stepping Out Of Your Style Comfort Zone?