Back To School Style Ideas


It's the time of year again parents, back to school season! After a summer of being able to sleep late and watching too much tv, the kids are officially out the house again and hitting the books. I wore uniform for the majority of my academic years, but for the school years that I got to wear my own clothes, shopping was my absolute favorite thing about going back to school. Sure I was all about bringing good grades home to my parents, but I also loved doing it in style. This year I wanted to put a fun post together to provide some inspiration as you take your kids shopping this season.




Denim Shirt: H&M | Necklace: Random from my closet | Pants: Random Store In NY | Sneakers: Target | Book bag: Rampage


I love how cool this look is without much effort! It's totally age appropriate for high school kids like my sister, and still works for younger girls as well. A denim shirt is a always a classic yet stylish look, and I love the way Jae paired this with a colored jean as opposed to a another denim wash. I think the pink is sweet and flows nicely into her floral print sneakers which are the star of the show. The outfit is a simple one, but with the necklace and shoes serving as statement pieces, she kicks it up a notch making it far from boring. Don't you agree?



T-Shirt: Target | Jeans w/ Suspenders: H&M | Minion Sneakers: Target

Ok, so Grey is only two and technically not going "back to school" - just to daycare per usual - but he's so cool and stylish that I had to include him. Besides his look can work for bigger boys as well. I originally bought these pants for his birthday party and completely forgot about them until I had to purge the majority of his wardrobe last week. It's as if I woke up and all of a sudden none of his clothes fit anymore with the exception of these pants and just a few other things.

I'm obsessed with suspenders for little boys! They're such a simple way to take an otherwise simple look to the next level. If your little one doesn't like the feel of them on his shoulders, they still look rad just hanging down on the sides. Since he was heading to school, I kept him comfortable in a simple tee with fun colors and we had to put on his Minion sneakers because he's so in enamored by them at the moment. It's all minion everything around here. He LOVES his sneakers! Chances are your little boy also has a character or show that he goes nuts over, this outfit is great example of how you can incorporate their favorite in their look without it being cheesy. But then again, kids don't care about cheesy - they just want to play and eat, ha!




Dress: Marshalls | Flannel: H&M | Sneakers: Payless

My sister has a knack for making basics look like a million bucks. I think that's largely in part to the fact that she gets pieces that fit well - not too baggy yet not inappropriately tight either. She wore this for her first day of school along with a flannel shirt around her waist and simple black sneakers. The ankle wrap isn't that fab but what are you gonna do about an injury? We're working around it, lol. This look says I'm growing up without being too adult. She's still comfy but looks like a well put together young lady. We also went with a faux leather back pack this year instead of the traditional ones that we always buy. A backpack is also a great accessory for adults, I carry one myself.