Jantzen Scallop High Neck One Piece Swimsuit


Cover Up; H&M | Swimsuit: c/o Jantzen

When I think of things I’d like to do with my life, bathing suit shopping is pretty far down the list. I mean really, between the terrible fluorescent lighting in the fitting room and my fat determined to go everywhere except where I want it, I’d rather not even bother. I’ve been in dire need of a new swimsuit for a while, but why would I subject myself to that kind of torture? When I received the Jantzen Scallop High Neck One Piece Swimsuit I couldn’t believe that a swimsuit could lift my spirits in this way. Typically, my swimsuits are cute and colorful, but this was different. Wearing this swimsuit made me feel grown, classy and sexy.

As a top heavy woman, I loved the amount of coverage it provides without being matronly. The sheer detailing is such a phenomenal way of adding sass while still feeling covered up. Black automatically provided a certain sex appeal that I’m not used to giving off, yet I felt comfortable and confident. Interestingly enough, when I shared a photo of me wearing the swimsuit while waiting in bed for my friends to get ready, it got a larger reaction than I expected. I want to say a broke the internet but it was just my friends giving me a ton of compliments – lol. Like a said, “sexy” isn’t really my thing so I suppose it was quite the shocker for those who know me well. Silly, sarcastic typically, not sexy - yet here I was giving BAWDY with a little extra pep in my step on the streets of Miami.

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Jantzen Scallop High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

I initially wore this during Miami Swim Week we headed to the Shelborne Hotel for Escape Miami. I paired it with a black cover up, denim shorts and my favorite statement wedges. We had the option of getting in the pool at this event, so I wanted to wear something pool ready yet fabulous. However, as it's Miami and everyone is too cool for school, we didn't end up touching the water. We had a blast checking out vendors, eating popcorn and trying out a champagne slushy before calling a Uber to head back and get ready for some shows. We also spotted some cast members of Shah's of Sunset on the way out which was fun to see for a couple of seconds as we tried sticking to our tight schedule.

I've since worn this swimsuit to the beach with my family, and I have to say that it is both fashionable and functional. I absolutely love it!

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