Effortless At Wynwood Walls


Necklace: Forever 21 | Blouse: Forever 21 | Shorts: H&M | Bag: Kate Spade | Sandals: Target


requiringorinvolvingnoeffort; displayingnosignsofeffort; easy:

You ever put an outfit together and it gives you way more life than you initially thought it would? That's how I feel about this look that I wore during our last moments in Miami as we tried to recover from Miami Swim Week. I needed something comfortable to ride back home in but also knew I wanted to look somewhat put together for brunch. And really, when you're hanging with a bunch of bloggers, a photo shoot can happen at any time. Case in point, after we stuffed our faces at City Hall, we ended up in Wynwood checking out the walls and decided to shoot. There were so many bloggers out there taking pictures for their blogs and soaking up inspiration. I miss the creative energy of Miami, I really do. I'm inspired by bright colors, the beach and warmth - it's my place.

I have say though, almost a year after my move, I'm starting to hit my stride here in Orlando. I'm making friends, working, exploring with my family and am in the process of securing a local farmers market for my business.

I'm also in a space where I really LOVE myself. I've never had this sense of pride in my adulthood before. I'm proud of the way I balance being a wife and mom, all while I still work towards the goals I've set for myself. Despite currently being at my heaviest, I'm super confident in the way I look and how I carry myself. In this moment I don't aspire to be anybody but myself. That's the great thing about being yourself - you don't have to try - it's effortless.


By the way, special thank you to my girl Bianca for killing this photo set. 

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