The Travelers Guide To Driving Etiquette

The_Travelers_Guide_To Driving_Etiquette
The_Travelers_Guide_To Driving_Etiquette

In our group chat yesterday, my friend Renee asked us if we could have anything free for the remainder of our lives, what would it be?

Without hesitation, I picked travel

. Discovering new cities, states and countries is such a wonderful experience and a great way to create memories with the people you love. I'm looking forward to exposing my son to a myriad of cultures and unique experiences. This year we've been exploring our new city, in addition to traveling to

Los Angeles


New York

. The husband and I are preparing to visit our homeland Jamaica later this year so that the little one can spend some time with his grandparents, but I'm really looking forward

to traveling outside country again

. I'm hoping to take my family on a European vacation within the next year. London in particular was a wonderful experience for me. I'm in love with the architecture, history and of course I loved trying new foods. I have my heart set on a romantic Parisian adventure as well, and I've been dying to visit Amsterdam.

There are many things we need to prepare for and educate ourselves on before leaving The States. One of the trickiest things that people often overlook are the driving laws in other countries. Just the initial shock of driving on the other side of the road seems to scare people from renting cars while abroad. However, if you're like us and tend to leave the resort for a more authentic cultural experience, a car is a must have. We always drive when we visit Jamaica, but thankfully we're pretty familiar with the regulations and have family to guide us as well. Never assume that your driving experience will be the same in every country you visit. In Mexico for example, drivers who are without insurance that are at fault for an accident that results in personal injuries or damage to the roadways will go to jail. In Thailand many roads change their one-way direction at certain hours of the day.

Driving abroad doesn't have to be daunting if you prepare ahead of time with a few simple tricks.

5 Tips For Driving Abroad //

1. Always have your passport and drivers license with you for identification while driving.

2. Find out if the country you'll be traveling to requires an International Driving Permit.

3. Check to see if your drivers insurance covers you internationally.

4. Once at your destination, be sure you plan your trips ahead of time. Don't wing it in another country. Make sure you have a reliable navigation system and call ahead to your destination just in case you need clarification.

5. Visit The Travelers Guide To Driving Etiquette  for an interactive map that allows you click on the country you plan to visit and learn all the regulations and unwritten rules for that area. How amazing is that? This is such a genius idea and I can't wait to utilize it during an upcoming trip. From Morocco to France, choose a destination and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable driving experience will be at your fingertips. The guide includes everything from helpful videos, to tips from travel bloggers and the secrets the locals. After saving up for vacations, we don't want things to take a turn for the worst because we're ignorant to the laws of the land. This site makes it easy to do your research and be in the know.

Do You Have Any Driving Etiquette Tips For When You're Traveling?

Today's post was sponsored by the wonderful folks at The Travelers Guide To Driving Etiquette. All thoughts and opinions are my own.