For Fathers Day // 5 Things I Love About My Husband Being A Dad + Our Podcast Together

I'm married to a pretty amazing man! Anyone who knows my husband personally or has met him even for a brief moment knows that. When we initially started dating, one of the things that attracted me to him was how family oriented he is. I knew he would make an incredible father one day and he has surpassed my expectations over the years. With so much negativity in the media these days about Black men, I think it's extremely important to show that our community is filled with great fathers who are married and/or very active in the lives of their children. I have an excellent father and am very happy that my child gets to experience having a strong male figure in the household as well. Today I'd like to highlight the man who I see my son taking after more and more everyday.



I love how hands on my husband in every aspect of parenting. Whether we're deciding on what car seat to buy, what school our son will be attending or what kind of medication he needs - we make those decisions together. No matter how small or large a decision is, when it comes to our son, he wants to be apart of it. As parents, we're just trying to figure it out and raise our child to the best of our ability, so it feels good to have someone to make decisions with who is equally as invested as I am.


For whatever reason, many men make the decision not to be affectionate with their sons due to some preconceived notion that it will make boys "softer". Whatever that means. I love that Kenny kisses and hugs his son everyday, even when Grey isn't into it. Toddlers have attitudes sometimes and ours has no problem yelling "Stop it daddy!" when his dad is smothering him with kisses, lol. It's funny to watch but in my opinion, very important.


Not only does he show his love through his actions, but he's very vocal. In this house there's a bunch of "I love you" thrown around everyday and a lot of them are from Kenny to Grey. I think it's awesome that my son will grow up hearing that from his father everyday, even though one day our little guy might get embarrassed to say it back in public :)


As much as he loves his son, he also has no problems telling him "no" or explaining to him why he can't do something. It's usually something that will bring harm to him, because little boys have no fear and are quite adventurous. I really thought I was going to be stricter one of the two of us but I'm kinda happy to be "good cop". Although our son is only two and half at this point, Kenny is very big on teaching right from wrong, and explanation why something is wrong.


I'm very happy that Grey has a great role model! His dad is loving, works hard, loves God, keeps his family first and is a kind human being. He also has a daily example of how a man should treat a woman. No one is perfect, but I really got lucky with a good guy that I don't mind my son looking up to.

I have to also add that it warms my heart to know how much he loves Jolie and acknowledges her everyday although she's no longer with us. Our path to becoming parents was rocky  and I know for sure that I would not have made it on the other side without such a supportive and involved life partner.

While I've always been clear on how I feel about Kenny as a father, I thought it would be cool to have him share his experience in his own words. He filmed a video with me once a couple years ago about babyloss but I try not to bother him too much with this blog thing lol. I'd love for you to check it out to hear my Honey talk about what he loves about being a dad, advice to fathers to be and more.


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