Walking For March of Dimes

While in New York a few weeks ago, my family and I participated in a March of Dimes Walk in Long Island. This amazing organization funds research to hopefully end premature births and assist little ones in the NICU. Over the years I've been toying with the idea of starting a charity in Jolie's honor but I haven't quite figured out my bearings as yet. In the meantime, I'm plan to continue doing more for March of Dimes through Jolie Bloom through future events. Along with my sister, we were able to get some donations, and proceeds from my Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn were donated as well.

With our matching "Jolie's Legacy" shirts (made by the fabulous TuLaLu who also made my Oscar tutu ) myself, my sister, my nieces, my dad and of course Grey matched on behalf of our 23 weeker.

There was one part during the walk where I got a little emotional. I met the family of a little girl that was born at 23 weeks ago (just like Jolie) and her actual due date was supposed the day that Jolie was born. She is 4 years old as my daughter would've been this summer. I must admit that in that moment, although I was happy to see this little girl thriving, I felt a little bit of jealously. I often try to figure out why my daughter couldn't have been one of the lucky ones - I really thought she was going to make it. Although I will never know why everything happened the way it did, I do have a sense of pride in the way I have been able to keep my daughters name alive and create a legacy for her. I'm still her mother, and I will continue to share her story in hopes of helping others.

With the park being located right next to a zoo, we took the kids over there before heading to dinner. Grey also got the chance to go on a real fire truck which was a dream come true for him - he LOVES fire trucks. He talks about them ALL THE TIME lol.

Although the glorious Spring weather and trees almost tempted me, we will not be moving back to New York at this time. I had a really fun time hanging out and getting lots of work done for Jolie Bloom. but it felt good to come back to Florida. If you've been reading this blog for a few years now, you know I've been back and forth between Florida and New York for the last couple of years, but now that Grey is around, I have to be more strategic in my decisions. Unless an even better opportunity comes up, we'll be here in Florida...and I'm fine with that.

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