Easter Sunday

easter_sunday_belle_jheanell_black_family_blog_personal_blogSadly I haven't found a new church as yet since the big move, so I had nothing planned for Easter Sunday. While stuffing our faces with ice cream around the park, we noticed they were setting up a stage near the amphitheater area and found out that they would be having Easter Service there the following day. The weather was supposed to be gorgeous all weekend so we thought it would be a cool idea and something a little different than what we're used to. Unfortunately we ran pretty late trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out the house. Service ended about 45 minutes earlier than advertised on the flyer - so between that and being late, we didn't catch much of it.


We still made a good time out of it and took advantage of the park. Grey has become quite the runner and had all the space in the world to run around even when I called after him. I suppose he's at that age where toddlers challenge their parents but it really re-affirmed that I need to start working out again. I could barely keep up with him. Ugh, boys!

easter_sunday_belle_jheanell_black_family_blog_personal_blog_2easter_sunday_belle_jheanell_black_family_blog_personal_blog_23easter_sunday_belle_jheanell_black_family_blog_personal_blog_243No matter how devastating our struggles,easter_sunday_belle_jheanell_black_family_blog_personal_blog_2443

I wore my "Jolie Dress" for the first time in a long time. Funny thing - my sister pointed out to be that flowers and colors reminded her of my Jolie Bloom logo and asked if this dress inspired it. I hadn't thought about it but it's amazing how it all ties in together, it was meant to be.


How Did You Spend Your Easter This Year?

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