Twenty Eight

DSC_0497The last couple days have been an absolute whirlwind between my birthday, family coming into town and adventuring around Orlando. I had a post planned to go live on my birthday but I never got around to finishing it with so much happening. I'm going to skip it for now and get to the fun stuff - celebrating my birthday! This year was extra special because my big sister and nieces are here for their Spring Break - I haven't seen them since Grey's Dedication.I talk to my sister just about every day so truthfully, I hadn't realized that so much time has passed since I physically say her or the girls.

My husband originally planned for us to go to Gatorland, but by the time we got all the kids ready and ourselves, the timing didn't work out. We found a Groupon to get on the hot air balloon at Downtown Disney and agreed that would be something fun and different than anything we'd ever done.

DSC_0505Unfortunately, the hot air balloon was out of commission due to high winds. We tried walking around for a while in hopes that the winds would eventually settle but it didn't happen and we never made it on the balloon.

downtown_disneydowntown_disney_food_trucksdowntown_disney_house_of_bluesdowntown_disney_house_of_blues_2My intern got me this awesome flower crown that I wore all day until eventually sitting on it and breaking it towards the end of the day. I guess this won't be the year when I get rid of how clumsy I am.

twenty_eight_downtown_disneytwenty_eight_downtown_disney_2twenty_eight_downtown_disney_23twenty_eight_downtown_disney_234twenty_eight_downtown_disney_2345twenty_eight_downtown_disney_23455twenty_eight_downtown_disney_234556twenty_eight_downtown_disney_2345567twenty_eight_downtown_disney_23455678After walking around in the heat and finally accepting that our hot air balloon dreams had been deflated (see what I did there? lol), we left and headed to Uptown Altamonte. There we got Cold Stone and went for a walk at Cranes Roost Park to burn off the ice cream calories.


twenty_eight_cranes_roost_park_13333twenty_eight_cranes_roost_park_1288888888888Although this birthday wasn't what I planned, it turned out to a lot of fun because I was surrounded by my family. I laughed A LOT (my niece Madi is super funny) and Cold Stone was involved, so honestly, it was a good day! I feel like I should keep the party going all month because deep down, I just know that 28 is going to be a good one. Now that I'm officially in the home stretch of my late 20's, I've been spending sometime thinking about my 2 year plan. I'm not one of those people that believe that I have to have every aspect of my life wrapped up in a perfect bow by 30, but I do have some goals that I'd like to accomplish by then. Some big, some small, some family, others are business related and of course some personal goals. This is going to be a good season for me. I feel it. Bring it on 28!

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