Brunch At Ethos Greek Bistro - Coconut Creek, Florida

ethos_greek_bistro_belle_jheanellSunday morning we woke up starving and immediately went on the hunt for food before hitting the road to Orlando. My mom suggested a typical chain restaurant but thankfully it so was packed when we got there that we decided to leave. Truthfully I was in the mood for something different and was happy that it didn't work out, lol. I suggested that we head to The Promenade of Coconut Creek where I love to spend time with my family. I figured that we could wing it once we got arrived since there are so many yummy choices in this shopping area. We passed Ethos Greek Bistro on the way to check out one of our favorite burger places, but we couldn't deny the aroma as we were walking by. We just had to stop in to see what was on the menu. Once we were there, it didn't make much to convince my family to try something different - no one left disappointed.


I wanted to enjoy the outdoor seating but I was out voted and ended up inside. There wasn't much to complain about as the decor was modern, beautiful and the space is filled with tons of natural light. We had the most amazing waiter by the name of James who was friendly and very informative. As we're a bunch of Jamaican's who typically eat the same things over and over, he took a lot of time to explain the menu to us and offered us many suggestions including his personal favorites.


James shared that this was his absolute favorite thing on the menu. If memory serves correctly this is the Shrimp Castella. Don't quote me on that, but I know it tasted amazing and my mom loved each and every bite.


The Husband gets Fried Calamari almost everywhere we go. I teased him at first for being so predictable, but I ended up eating a lot of it after I finished my plate. In the end, good choice! Ha!


During my Catholic School High School Days, I remember having a Greek classmate who brought the most yummy dish to school for International Day. I remember eating a lot of it but I couldn't think of the name to save my life. I took a guess based on the descriptions on the menu and ended up with exactly what I wanted - Spinach Pie. With every bite, I didn't want it to end, I kept hoping that more would magically appear on my plate...but it didn't happen.


Turns out it wasn't so bad that I got such a small dish. I had enough room in my tummy to pick from everyone else's plate in between sips of my mimosa.

DSC_0471DSC_0477DSC_0473DSC_0475DSC_0478DSC_0484DSC_0483We really enjoyed our first experience at Ethos Greek Bistro and are already making plans to head there for dinner the next time we're in town. A decent portion of menu has been designed so that you can order platters and share with the entire table, we're already thinking about it. It's a great way to try a bunch of new things. Overall, the food was amazing - very fresh and flavorful! And of course, we can't say enough about our waiter James who was so attentive, patient and clearly a fan of the food that he was serving - that's always a plus.

The Promenade At Coconut Creek

Ethos Greek Bistro

4437 Lyons Road, Unit E104

Coconut Creek, FL 33073