Spring Break In Cocoa Beach, Florida

Once upon a time, my idea of Spring Break consisted of late nights in Miami that turned into leaving the club at 5am to head straight to breakfast at Denny's. These days, this "week off" means a couple days of being able to sleep late, and not have to do carpool or check homework. Randomly on a Saturday night, my husband suggested that we drive to Atlanta. As an Aries, I'm always down for adventure and being spontaneous, but it was midnight and I couldn't figure out if he was messing with me or not. We didn't end up in ATL, but when I woke up I figured I'd take advantage of his need to drive somewhere and suggested that we head to Cocoa Beach. After he agreed, I started cleaning up the house so that I'd have 0 chores to do when I got home tired from a beach day. As I started preparing my family for a mini-road trip, Wannie called to invite me for a girls day at Cocoa Beach lol. I'm telling you, when we get a good day of weather, the natural thing for Florida residents to think about is, "Let's go to the beach!". I told her I'd meet up with her and the girls, and got everything together for our hour and a half trip (if I remember correctly) - maybe it was less.

Cocoa BeachCocoa BeachCocoa Beach

DSC_0378Cocoa Beach

This was our first time visiting Cocoa Beach, but we actually almost moved here a little over a year ago with my husband's job. Things ended up falling through last minute, otherwise, that's where we'd possibly be living at this moment. Isn't it funny how life works? One different decision or circumstance and our lives would be completely different. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. What if I'd done this different? Or didn't make that decision? How would life would be different? After driving myself crazy for a couple days I've just decided to let it go and take full responsibility for where I am. My reality today is due to a series of choices that I've made - both good and bad.

...but back to Cocoa...we enjoyed the beach and the from what we saw of the town, it looked lovely! Lots of bright colors and a beach - I felt right at home. We're definitely looking forward to creating some more memories there.

Have You Ever Been To Cocoa Beach?


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