National Pancake Day

I'm not sure how to start this post any other way than to say that pancakes are everything! They're so fluffy, and then adding syrup on top just makes it so sweet...and then whipped cream...and then whatever else kind of topping...there are so many ways to make this one thing even more delicious than it naturally is. Pancakes are my jam! There's no other way to describe it. Granted I shouldn't be eating them right now but ((Kanye shrug)), yesterday was National Pancake Day. This was my first time going although I've been hearing about this for a few years now. I almost changed my mind from going but when I picked my sister up from school, it was all she could talk about it. Besides, now I wouldn't have to make dinner, so why not?

DSC_0133National Pancake DayNational Pancake DayDSC_0142

G was more so into the orange juice than the pancakes but he had his fair share towards the end of our meal. Once we were all done we still had a little while to kill before my husband's work day was over. I figured I may as well explore the town a little bit and see what else they had to offer besides an IHop. We ended up finding a Riverwalk Area which was filled joggers, couples holding hands and families strolling around the waterfront. Sanford, Florida is such a different place than I originally imagined it to be during the Trayvon Martin trial. Hanging out there with my family, I felt safe, everyone was extremely friendly and peaceful.

National Pancake DayNational Pancake DayNational Pancake DayNational Pancake DayNational Pancake Day

Not only does my little guy love elephants, but ducks are his thing as well. He even made sure to wave and screm "buh bye duck!" as we were leaving.

DSC_0163National Pancake DayDSC_0168

Unexpectedly, National Pancake Day ended up being one of my favorite days in a while. I'm starting to fall in love in love with Central Florida more and more, and have finally started to venture outside of my apartment complex, lol. Yesterday was a good one.

Did You Go Out For Free Pancakes Yesterday?

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