A Belle In Beverly Hills

A_BELLE_IN_BEVERLY_HILLS_1234Sweater: unknown | Shirt: H&M | Skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: Bakers

I just returned from my first trip to Los Angeles to participate in an Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite with my company Jolie Bloom. The experience was an incredible one, and something that seemed so impossible when I initially received the exclusive invitation. I immediately thought to myself, "I can't afford this...there's no way this is going to happen". However, I decided to take a leap of Faith and slowly but surely, everything came together. I figured that if I paid for my booth (which seemed like an astronomical amount at the time), it would force me to get creative and find a way to get there. Everyone rallied around me, cheering me on not knowing that I was having frequent meltdowns in preparation for this trip. I sat on the plane to California in tears, thanking God for making a way for me when this mountain seemed way too high. I'm planning to do a video that fully details this experience because I have so much to share.

These photos are from our first day in LA. We'd spent the morning getting some work done for the event and figured we needed to get outside for some fresh air. We also wanted to locate the venue so that we knew exactly what to expect on Saturday morning. On our way back from the hotel we spotted this area and had to get out for some touristy photos and an squeeze in an outfit post. We took the scenic route home, through Beverly Hills "oooooing and ahhhhhing" at gorgeous mansions and dreaming big for our family.


As we drove back to LAX for our departure, my husband and I saw a shooting star over the hills and quickly made our wishes. Once I got back to Florida, loved on my baby who I hadn't seen for days and checked my email, I found that I've been invited back to LA for a similar event for an upcoming award show. All I could do was laugh. Here we go again...


- John Burroughs

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