Fun Times With The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage


I recently had the opportunity to test out the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage for a whole week, and had a blast doing so! To be honest, when it was initially dropped off at my house, I wasn't expecting to like it that much. It's much smaller than what I'm used to driving and I just didn't think it had anything special about it - I was wrong.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage starts at $12,995, making it an amazingly affordable NEW vehicle.  It’s received multiple awards like “Best All-Around Performance” and “Best Environmental Performance” in the mini-compact class, which means it is smaller than one might expect while still providing excellent safety features, a great amount space for passengers + lots cargo space in the back.  It gets 38 city and 44 highway mpg, making it an extremely affordable car.  The Mirage gives the buyer the freedom to enjoy life by empowering them to do more, go farther and for far less money than they thought possible!


My first impression of this car was, "It's cute, but it's small". Once inside, I realized how roomy it actual was. My husband (who is 6'2), myself, the baby's car seat and my sister could all fit comfortably. After taking it for a couple spins around town, it became very apparent just how fuel efficient this little guy was. We took the opportunity to hit the road and head to South Florida for the weekend. It only cost us around $8 to fill up from half tank before hitting the Turnpike for the 3 hour trip - and a little over $15 to fill up once the gas light came on.

Oh dear drea

Once in Fort Lauderdale, we then drove everywhere from Miami and even up to West Palm Beach to Drea's house for her Sparkle Party. We had so much fun a meeting her friends and eating lots of yummy food. Alex made a really delicious guacamole that I tried to inhale by myself, but that would have been made for a terrible first impression.


One of my concerns was trunk space since I'm used to driving an SUV. I was surprised as to how much we could actually fit in there for our weekend away. Actually, we ended up bringing another family member back to Orlando with us, who had another suitcase that's not pictured here. 5 people and more luggage in this car - no problem.

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Overall, I really enjoyed the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage and as a family, we were sad to see it go. Because we weren't worried about gas, we had so much freedom to go wherever we wanted without any limits. The navigation also came in handy as we explored many new places for the first time. I especially loved the push to start feature, which came in handy when I had a few night shifts. Instead of fiddling around my purse like I normally do, I could leave work and hop in the car safely without the risk of someone being able to open the passenger side door. The back up camera also came in handy as well. I often tease my friends about their dependency of using that feature in their cars, but I can see how quickly one can get use to it. I'd definitely recommend this car to anyone who needs something affordable, yet stylish with lots of fun features.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetCould You See Yourself in a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage?

This post was created in partnership with Drive STI and Mitsubishi Motors. All opinions are my own.

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