Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Grey // A Trip To Central Florida Zoo And Botanical Gardens

I can't believe it's here, my baby's 2nd birthday ((insert lots of tears)).  I've spent the last few days looking at some of my pregnancy photos and reminiscing about my baby shower, all while wondering how time has seemed to move so fast. On this day last year (which feels like 2 hours ago) I was running around like a mad women getting his 1st birthday party together. How can that possibility be a whole 365 days ago? We're going to be celebrating with cake and ice-cream when daddy gets home from work later and this weekend we're having a big circus themed bash that incorporates Grey's favorite things - elephants, trucks and cookies!

We kicked off birthday week by spending our Sunday at The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. As I mentioned, Baby G loves elephants ("eeehhh-yuuu-pant" as he calls them) and we wanted him to see one in real life. Once we got there however, we then realized that this zoo was too small to host them and he wouldn't be able to see any. Although we were a little disappointed, we still had a fun day and G was in awe of all the animals. We've taken him to the Miami Seaquarium before but he was way too young to care about anything. Now he was pointing at everything and even knew the names of some of the animals. More than I remember teaching him, lol.

central florida zoo and botanical gardenscentral florida zoo and botanical gardens _ 2

It took us a really long time to get him away from the "booooods". He didn't understand that there was more to see and kept getting frustrated that we were ruining his fun, lol. He just wanted to stare at each thing forever. After a while he started to get it and the tantrums happened less frequently as we moved from one exhibit to the next throughout the day.

zoo daycentral_florida_zoo_and_botanical_gardenscentral florida zoo and botanical gardens _ 23Zoo Daycentral florida zoo and botanical gardens _ 2689093

My favorite part of the trip was hanging out with the giraffes. For $5 (I think) we got to purchase carrots to feed to them. Grey wasn't scared at all and had no qualms about running up the fence. Unfortunately he thought the carrots were for him and immediately put them in his mouth. We tried to explain to him that those were for the giraffes which didn't go over very well for a few seconds. But after a few tears he was back to his chipper self and with his daddy's help, he fed them with no hesitation.

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Although we didn't get to see any real "eehhh-yyuuu-pants", we bought him one from the souvenir shop that he was so excited about and has yet to let go of. He started getting very tired as we headed back to the car, but we noticed that we could do a train ride around the zoo and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Grey loves "choo-choos" (one of his favorite shows is "Chuggington") and we knew it would be a cool experience for him.

Zoo Daycentral_florida_zoo_and_botanical_gardens_999

I'm REALLY enjoying this stage of motherhood. Not to be corny, but re-discovering the world through a child's eyes is so magical. Everything is new to them, and in the process you're re-discovering parts of yourself that you lost on the way to adulthood. I'm not scared about the terrible 2's at all, but rather excited about continuing to watching him grow and learn.He's so smart and loving. For his second year I hope that he remains healthy and vibrant. I'm going through A LOT of emotions today but I'll save that for another time. I'm super excited about cake later and all the Talenti I can eat without being judged.


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