...so now we have a Christmas Tree

Christmas treeI've never had a real Christmas tree before. For the last couple years or so, we've been using our artificial tree which has worked just fine for us but it didn't make the cut during out move. I almost bought another one from Michael's, but as I said last week, my Christmas spirit hasn't been high this year. Just as I was contemplating not doing Christmas this year, my mom came for a weekend visit and turned everything around.

Christmas treeChristmas Tree

We made our way over to my sisters school where we purchased our first ever live Christmas tree. I wasn't sure what to expect but we found the perfect one within 5 minutes. We strapped it to the roof the truck, made a few quick stops for a few decorations and headed home.


Having my mom here really lifted my Christmas spirit and made me start to get excited about this Holiday season. Change is hard and as someone who is very close to my family, I'm trying to grasp the concept of a tiny Christmas this year. It's not what I'm used to, but life is about growth and I'm happy to have my husband, baby and sister here with me daily. The 4 of us haven't made any plans as yet but I'm sure it's going to be a fun day.


On another note, Grey has been much better with the tree that I thought he'd be. Sometimes I catch him playing with the ornaments but he hasn't broken anything and puts them back when I tell him to. He always makes sure to tell me "star!!!" daily, while pointing to the top of the tree.

It's beginning to (finally) feel a lot like Christmas around here.