A Park Day


Adjusting to my new surroundings has been taking much longer than I anticipated. I'm in the same state but South Florida and Central Florida might as well be two completely different countries. I miss the palm trees, being 10 minutes from the beach, the year round tropical climate and more. Just the other day it was a chilly 51 degrees as I walked into work on a gray and rainy day, while my mom was telling me on the phone that she needed to turn on her AC. Just as I was starting to feel settled somewhere, we up and left again and it's been hard this time. Typically, moves are exciting for me. But after a few (expensive) relocation's, I've come to learn that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Now a mom and creeping closer and closer to 30, I just want to pick a place and stay there. Will it be where we live now? Or will we go back to South Florida, who knows. But here we are. 15 extra pounds and several rounds of New Girl on Netflix later, the new area is growing on me.

The last stage of grief is acceptance, so here I am... Like living in New York, we get to actually experience different seasons here. I'm Jamaican and cold weather isn't my thing, but it's been nice...and easier to hide the extra weight lol. We recently discovered a park nearby and found ourselves quite happy that it wasn't too hot to go. Further south, that was the excuse for slowing down on outdoor activities - the heat would often kill our vibe. With temps comfortably in the 60's, we ventured out and entertained the baby with pushes on the swing and down the slides. The slides were his favorite. He kept asking, "Again? Again?" so that we take turns with him over and over. There were some bigger kids on the playground (around 3 years old or so) that he tried making friends with but could barely keep up with them. I look at my boy who is turning 2 next month and keep wondering how time could be moving so fast. I mean...I just had him...and didn't we just celebrate his first birthday? It's all happening so fast.


Talk of having another baby has been casually coming up but I'm just not sure how it's possible to love another the way I love Grey, or share any room in my heart where Jolie occupies. I know it's possible and that I will love another child just the same - yet it seems so impossible at this moment. Right now I'm just going to continue being grateful and keep watering the grass where I stand. I live for simple days like this with my family and I'm growing excited at the thought of continuing to explore. There's so much to do if I can just try to grasp the concept that there is life beyond my apartment complex, ha!

By the way, Mariaelena D you're the winner of the Kohls giveaway! Congratulations to you and thank you to everyone who entered.

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