Oprah's Life You Want Weekend Tour 2014 #LifeYouWantMIA

When I initially heard about Oprah's Life You Want Weekend Tour 2014 months ago, I automatically told myself that while it sounds amazing, I can't go. I didn't check ticket prices or anything, I just automatically assumed that it was out of my reach. As much of a dreamer as I am, there are certainly things I've convinced myself are out of my league...but more on that negative attitude later. Thanks to Jesus and a little self confidence, I was able to get a media pass last minute (and I do mean last minute). I was able to shuffle some things around and hit the road with only two days notice with my baby and best friend Wannie. Ain't God good?

Belle Goes To See Oprah

After a quick stop at my moms place to get refreshed and secure a sitter for my little one, we headed even further south on i-95 to catch 2 hours of Oprah. Leaving later than we planned, it was a mad dash to the American Airlines Arena as we applied our makeup and squealed in excitement about the weekend. We knew we were in for a treat and I was really excited that we were able to experience it together. Parking fees on Biscayne were astronomical, but we were luckily able to find parking in the arena garage before running around in heels to find the media entrance. By the grace of God we got to our seats before Oprah hit the stage.

Belle Jheanell // Oprah's Life You Want Weekend TourProcessed with VSCOcam with x3 presetWannie and I had a couple, "Oh sh*t - we're about to see Oprah" moments! We both jumped through some hoops in order to be in attendance, it was surreal that we made it. It's true what they say, when you want something bad enough, you WILL figure out a way to make it happen! 

The energetic crowd simmered down once the light dimmed and we directed our attention to the stage for a video of Oprah. It showed much of what we already know. Clips of her starting off as a news reporter and then excelling to become the media powerhouse, entrepreneur and humanitarian that she is today. The presentation alone was full of inspiration, but when she made her way down the stage, I thought the roof was going to blow off the arena.

Oprah's Life You Want Weekend, Miami

My biggest take away from this night was a concept that I'd learned a few years ago, but have not been consistent with.

"You are co-creating your life. You co-create your life with the energy of your intention" - Oprah Winfrey

The Law of Attraction is a law that I learned through reading The Secret and helped me to turn my life around. It made the impossible come true, yet I've been spending the last few months in a negative space and not living the way that I know will change it for me. While there are many Laws,Oprah lives wholeheartedly by the Law of Motion and Physics. It is law, and how energy works whether we believe it or not, and we are all energy. If you're skeptical about that, it's physics. Research it and do what you'd like with the information. You can literally change everything in your life by shifting your mindset after becoming enlightened with this. I've seen it happen with others and myself - but we are human, and sometimes we need a reminder.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

(our mini physics lesson)

"My life and show took off when I realized I was co-creating my life" - Oprah

"You become what you BELIEVE not what you wish for." - Oprah

On the tough moments in her life and ours:

"Your life is always speaking to you. My life was speaking to me and I wasn't listening" - Oprah

Day 2 was filled with a myriad of speakers including Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Elizabeth Gilbert and more. We did spiritual exercises with Oprah using our workbooks and really dug inside ourselves to find our truth. Some of the exercises were emotionally heavier than others and some audience members were chosen to share their findings on stage with Lady O. We also witnessed a woman receive a donation from Toyota to find her non-profit that helps inner city children in Miami. Being the generous soul that she is, Oprah matched Toyota's donation. It's safe to say that the entire arena was brought to tears at the generosity of the women on the stage.


It was an extremely powerful weekend - life changing really - and I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to attend. One of my favorite parts was thinking about what we wanted to be when we were children. As a child, I wanted to be a writer. I spent hours writing in my journal, writing stories and acing my English classes. I also remember finding all natural beauty remedies and trying them on everyone I could get my hands on. For example, in 5th grade I read that bananas were good for your face, so I proceeded to give my friend a banana facial. Is it coincidence that I became a blogger and the formulator of an all natural beauty brand? I guess not.

Funny how life works, isn't it?

"Be grateful, even for the smallest things" - Oprah

"Gratitude is the fastest and most powerful way to change your vibration." - Oprah


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