21 Months of Motherhood

BELLE JHEANELLBaby Center emailed me today to inform me that my baby is now 21 months and 3 weeks. Of course I already knew that, but I love the reminders and reading about his development as he grows. It's hard to fathom that the little 6 pound something baby I brought home is now almost 2 years old. He's really great at communicating (quite the talker), loves to run, dance and do silly things to make us laugh. He also doesn't play about his food and is (almost) always asking for a cookie. He also makes sure to tell us "buh bye" when he hops on his toy truck and scoots himself forward. His favorite movie is "Cars" and he also enjoys watching Barney and Clifford on Netflix.

This weekend at Oprah's Life You Want Tour, we had to make a chart about our life categories and rate each area with a happy face, so-so face or sad face. Motherhood was only one of two portions of my chart that had a smiley face. I'm not the perfect mother (I don't think that person exists) but I feel great about my abilities and the child that I'm raising. Motherhood is a TOUGH 24 hour job that requites mental, physical and spiritual strength. It is the hardest job of my life that leaves me feeling drained at times, yet it's what fills me up the most. I love being a mom. There's nothing like having my son grab my face and kiss me, hug me, call me "mommy" or want to cuddle with me. It also cracks me up when he tries to repeat everything that he hears us say.

I've grown leaps and bounds since bringing him into this world - he's made me such a better human being.

I'm still trying to decide what to do for his 2nd birthday. Last years party didn't go as planned, so part of me wants to have another one to make up for it. A vacation (more so for his parents than him lol) would be nice or maybe we'll do a simple zoo day. Whatever it is, I love to celebrate him and the joy he's brought to our lives.

Motherhood. It's rough but rewarding.


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