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This past Saturday I hosted my very 1st Pop Up Shop for my eco-luxury beauty brand Jolie Bloom. They say the Universe rewards action, so as soon as the idea popped into my head I started making the necessary moves for the event to come to fruition. I also had a little nudge in the right direction from fellow mommy blogger and friend Melissa (thanks girl). Belly Love Maternity Spa in Coral Springs was the perfect venue to have customers and those curious about my business to stop on by. We had girl talk, the ladies enjoyed the breakfast/brunch spread that I provided and they shopped their hearts out. I had a great time getting to know all the ladies in attendance. The amount of love that I've received in support of Jolie Bloom has been incredible. It's truly a labor of love - I work really hard at this - but nothing has ever felt as right as this does. It's only been 3 months but I've learned quite a few lessons already that I will share in an upcoming post. For now, here are tons of photos from this weekends event:


I brought some breakfast, brunch bites and sweet treats for my guests to enjoy during their shopping experience.


Publicist Lindey of LL Scene, Cousin Kimi, Heather, Lindsey, Erika and Melissa ...amazing ladies!

jolie_bloom_pop_up_shop_belly_love_maternity_spa_1Rhochonda is such a sweet person! Thank you for supporting my events.

jolie_bloom_pop_up_shop_1jolie_bloom_pop_up_shopjolie_bloom_pop_up_shop_222jolie_bloom_pop_up_shop_2812jolie_bloom_pop_up_shop_belly_love_maternity_spa_12Chanel and I met in passing at a Curlbox event a few years ago and over time has become one of my best South Florida girlfriends.


Melissa is the super mom who created Mom, Baby and Beyond where I was a vendor just a few days ago. Such a gem!



I was so happy that my friend Deseray was able to make it out to the event. She's having a baby next month and looks amazing! I love watching my friends become mothers. I may be equally as excited about her sons arrival as she is, lol. Also, be sure to check out her thoughts on the Jolie Bloom Caribbean Coconut Shower Bar. And don't think she gave me a good review just because we're friends. I can always count on her honesty, hence why I will always consider her a good friend.


Melissa is everything, be sure to check out her clutches!

I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and making my very 1st Pop Up Shop a success. I got to catch up with friends and make some new ones.

I don't know another way to wrap up this post except to say that I'm extremely Blessed and excited. There were about 3 times during the event that I caught myself getting emotional due to the support and amazing bonds that I share with some of the women in attendance.

There will definitely be more Pop Up Shops in the future, so be sure to visit the events page to keep up to date on where I'll be next.


Did you know that October is Infant Loss Awareness Month? Please visit Everything E N J for a very personal post that I have shared about the loss of my daughter, my healing process and the reason why I started Jolie Bloom.


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