Marley Twist Maintenance

It's been a quite a while since I've shared a hair post, you can thank my Marley Twists for that. I've always been big on protective styling when it comes to the growth of my natural hair. I've found that sometimes it's just best to leave my hair alone and let it do it's own thing. Not only are protective styles less stressful on the hair (when done correctly), but honestly, I don't have much time or energy for my hair with a energized toddler running around. I throw it in a bun and keep it moving. Truthfully, the bun is not to be chic, but have you ever had a baby yank on your hair while you're changing their diaper? Not fun! Bun's forever!

Before I ramble on, the point of this post is to share how I've been maintaining my Marley Twists. According to my instagram I've had them for about 7 weeks now. Dare I say, that the longer I have them, the better it looks? Here's how I've managed to maintain my twists over the course of about two months without looking like a ruggamuffin...although sadly, it's time for them to come out ::insert real tears:: Can't I just keep them in forever?


Cleansing My Scalp // A key component in hair growth is a clean scalp. Protective styles (weaves, braids, twists, etc) are not an excuse to not wash your hair. I'm sure you know by now that I'm not big on shampoo, so with conditioner only I've been cleansing about every two weeks or so. Everyone's hair is different, every two weeks may be good for you as well, or once a week depending on how much build up you have - especially if you use gel to slick down those edges.

Daily Moisture For My Scalp // Yup, we're back on the scalp. It starts here people - actually it starts from the inside but that's another post for another day. Truthfully, do I remember to oil my scalp every single day? Nope, but I try. A well moisturized scalp is a great foundation for hair growth.

Tie It Up At Night // Self explanatory - a scarf or a bonnet - I make sure to protect my hair at night. Plus my husband hates random twists in his face while he's trying to sleep. I could see how that could be terrifying and/or annoying.

Add A Little Spray Sometimes // When I'm really fancy (or my scalp is a little itchy), I'll use a spray to spruce it up. The Shea Moisture Dandruff & Dry Scalp Elixer  is a product that I discovered about two years ago and use it faithfully if my scalp is having a moment. I'll also pick up whatever braid sheen spray is around, I'm not partial to any brand when it comes to that.


That's pretty much the extent of how I care for my Marley Twists. It's low maintenance which is perfect for me time wise as well as for the growth of my hair.

While we're on the topic, you may notice the new drop down menu option for the Hair category. It's been divided in categories you may find helpful such as Natural Hair Product Reviews (if you want to see what I've been using over the years), hairstyle tutorials as well as tips and tricks.

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