Our Everyday Toddler Personal Care Products

Sharing my favorite toddler personal care products is something that I've been meaning to do for a while. Things have been hectic around here since launching my company Jolie Bloom, working full time, marriage and of course - my toddler. When it comes to anything concerning my son, I try to keep things has natural and green as possible without breaking the bank. Here's a quick glimpse of what we use everyday.



1. Jamaican Mango & Lime "Black Castor Oil" (Coconut) | I started using this oil shortly before G's birthday when he was having a little hair loss. Within weeks, his hair filled out! I've always known Jamaican Castor Oil to be used for hair growth which is why I initially tried it. I can't say that it was solely this product that caused his hair to grow back, but the hair growth started around this time.  Now I use it on his damp hair immediately after washing it before I comb his hair. I also use it every morning on his dry hair before applying a cream.

2. Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme (not pictured)| Just as I do with my own hair. I like to practice the L.O.C Method on my baby's curls - liquid, oil and cream. This is the only creme that I've found thus far that gets the job done with my little guys hair. Combined with the castor oil, his curls become moisturized and well defined.


3. Shea Moisture: Head To Toe Body Wash & Shampoo | This shampoo/body wash comes in a few variations. We've tried and loved them all, but we're currently using the Red Tea & Babassu. This tear free formula is what I use to wash his hair about once per week (or daily depending how messy he gets at dinner time) and to lather his body during bath time. Like anything Shea Moisture, it's free of all the questionable ingredients linked with cancer and other health issues.


4. Earth's Best Strawberry & Banana Toddler Toothpaste | When it comes to oral care, I think every parents should pay attention to what goes into their child's mouth. This particular toothpaste does not contain fluoride and is safe to swallow.


5. Jolie Bloom "Summertime Shine Lotion | This product isn't available in my shop as yet, but he's one of the people lucky enough to test everything before it launches. Blended with shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil and more - I've handcrafted a lotion that provides intense moisture yet feels lightweight. It also has an amazing smell that prompted the ladies at his daycare to ask me what I put on him. Because the samples have gone so well, I'll be releasing it sooner than originally planned. Stay tuned for that.

6. Jolie Bloom "Soothing Body Butter Bar" | This is our favorite moisturizer to use at night, and I typically apply it to his lips in the morning before school. He also likes to try to rub it on his body himself. This bar is another product that I created and contains a triple threat of shea butter, cocoa butter & mango butter.


7. Honest | I've talked about my obsession with sunscreen a few times now. When it comes to the baby, I'm VERY serious about it. This one by honest provides the sufficient amount of SPF needed without any yucky ingredients. It's simple and even provides a nice sheen.

What are your favorite products to use on your children?