Birchbox is a beauty company that has been near and dear to my heart since it's beginnings.  I remember hearing about this concept and seeing girls on youtube opening their boxes every month, surprised each time at the contents that were inside. As a product junkie, I just had to get a subscription! After completing a quick survey, my $10 monthly subscription would come in the mail and give me new products to play with. Month after month, I discovered new brands and even did a little acting with my sister in an effort to win their Gossip Girl contest. When I discover a company that I love, I appoint myself as an ambassador - I made everyone who would listen purchase a subscription. As embarrassing as this may be to admit, they should have at least a dozen applications on file from me trying to work there, lol.

Fast forward a little over two years since my discovery of this innovative brand, I was so excited to receive a VIP invitation to attend their event at Dr. Brandt's Coral Gables office. I'm not quite sure how to sum up this world renowned celebrity dermatologist except to call him the man! He's everything! Upon arrival to his tres chic office in swanky Shops of Merrick Park, the doctor was dripping in designer fashion while briefing us on his resume and accolades. Once he wrapped up, it was time to choose the winner of an in depth skincare consultation and treatment with the doc himself. I was a little apprehensive, but still chose to put my business card in the bowl for consideration before sitting down. I've struggled with my skin my entire life, and had this vision of him telling me that I needed an entirely different face all together, ha! I know it sounds silly, but I've had some really mean things said to me (and behind my back) about my skin while I was growing up. It's what prompted me to eventually become an esthetician and makeup artist during my college years. Sure, my skin has gotten A LOT better, but I was feeling a little nervous to be picked. My nervous quickly turned into excitement when my name was actually selected for the treatment. After listening to how passionate he was about his craft and how qualified he is (and the fact that he's the man), I could barely contain myself and jumped out my seat when my name was called. And because it wouldn't be me if something cooky didn't happen, one of my box braids fell out, #blackgirlproblems lol!


While the rest of the ladies enjoyed smoothies, yummies (can you tell I'm a mom) and a tour of the office, I got cozy in a private room for a my consultation. I removed the makeup I'd so carefully applied for the dermatologist who works on the likes of Madonna and the Goddess Gwyneth to examine my face. After some questions and observations, Dr. Brandt recommended the Isolaz acne laser treatment. After laying under the steam for a few minutes, everyone gathered in the room to learn about the treatment and watch it in action.

Dr. O'Connell made me feel very comfortable and the treatment didn't hurt at all. I felt like a warm vacuum and left my skin dewy and hydrated. The laser light zaps the bacteria while the vacuum loosens the oils and gets rid of inflammations. Once the demonstration was complete, we all got to sat individually with Dr. Brandt for a one on one so that he could customize a skincare regimen for our individual needs. Having done an in depth meeting with me earlier, he quickly checked off a list of products for me to take home! How lucky am I? I'm going to be chronicling my journey to healthier and better looking skin using the products and sharing my thoughts here on the blog. People around me are already noticing a difference and it's only been a week! I'm so excited!

Thank you so much to the Birchbox team for the invite and for chatting with me - you're all so lovely! Dr. Brandt's team is amazing - I can't wait to book a few sessions of the Isolaz treatment!


More photos under the cut....

all photos by Dr. Brandt's amazing team