Nature Lovers

JDFHNIf there's one thing I'm clear about with concerning G, it is that I want to raise him to love the outdoors and be active. Sure he's only a toddler, but it doesn't hurt to get him in the habit now of loving nature. I went back to work shortly after his birthday which has been bittersweet. On Sundays, we do our best to do a family activity if my husband has gotten enough rest to do so. His work schedule is ridiculous. On this particular day, we headed out to a local nature center that we've always loved. Before G came into our lives, my husband and I would go there for long walks and to check out the turtles. G isn't all the way interested as yet, but it was certainly a great outdoor activity to do together before he gets too hot around here.




We spent time checking out the rehabilitated turtles and trying to catch butterflies. We were also sure to leave our donation, in hopes of keeping this aquatic sanctuary alive.

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