Why I Cut Off My Natural Hair...Again!

BELLEJHEANELL_BIGCHOP_TWA_TWAHAIRCUTS_NATURALHAIRIf there is one thing that I learned after my last relaxer back in 2007, it is that I'm not defined by my hair whether natural or chemically straightened.

When I was pregnant, my hair flourished and I got the thickness that I'd been dreaming about for years. Like most women, it began to shed a few months postpartum, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, my big afro that I'd meticulously grown by soaking up knowledge through youtube, natural hair blogs and books had become a burden as a new mom. I didn't have time for it. Wash day was such a production! Typically a Sunday, my husbands only day off work, I was tending to my hair. No matter what type of hair you have, it will take A LOT of work to keep it HEALTHY, especially once you get to a certain length. There are deep conditioning treatments, hair clarifying and so forth. I had a schedule for my hair (yup you read that correctly) that I was strict about and what helped me to grow my hair to the middle of my back (when stretched). Slowly however, I began to neglect my hair. It started to bore me to death, but putting in the work to bring it back to life didn't seem that important.

I started working a few weeks ago which made taking care of my hair even harder. I've worn a few sew in's over the past few weeks but they're not really my thing anymore. Straight hair was fun for about two weeks, but it no longer suits me. The kinky line of hair that I really wanted to try is just not in my budget. Like...I'm just not going to drop a couple hundred dollars on some hair at this point in my life. I finally convinced my cousin to cut my hair off after months of begging her. I couldn't make it to her for my original appointment and wore a wig which made me so self conscious. For a girl who used to live for a good wig - I realized that I over that too. I woke up Saturday morning and I just felt like it was time.

With every snip of the scissor and chunks of afro that fell to the floor, I felt such a sigh of relief. No more long but dull hair. No more sew in's. No more wig.

I'm looking forward to enjoying short hair for now and growing it back healthy as ever. I'm going to take you on the journey to longer and healthier hair by documenting it all here on the blog.

I know that society has trained us to believe that only long and straight hair is beautiful but I'm a woman who doesn't subscribe to that mentality. I define my own beauty - not magazines, music video's or media in general. I don't look for others to represent me, I represent myself. I'm currently entering a season of higher consciousness where I'm choosing to remove anything that doesn't make my Spirit feel good. I'm at a point where if something doesn't make my soul sing, I have to get rid of it - my hair and celebrity gossip blogs have already been eliminated. Who knows who or what is up next.

My coils haven't been the same since I had my son. My hair made me miserable so I got rid of it. We all have a few people or things in our life that need to be cut off. For me, it was my hair.