MAMA GLOW Event with Latham Thomas & Tracy Mourning

I learned about the gem that is Latham Thomas while being pregnant and watching an episode of Tia & Tamera! I remember being on bed rest, stuffing my face and thinking, "Damn, I need her!". Latham is a maternity lifestyle expert, wellness coach, birth coach and founder of Mama Glow. She's also the author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy! Additionally, this business woman is also the mother to DJ Fulano - you know, the 10 year dj who spins for celebrities and top fashion brands all around the world. When I found out she was hosting an event at Soho Beach House in Miami, there was absolutely no way I was going to miss the opportunity to meet her.

MAMAGLOW_LATHAMTHOMAS_LATHAM_THOMAS_TRACY_MOURNINGThe events guest speaker was the statuesque and ridiculously gorgeous Tracy Mourning, who we met in the elevator on the way the to screening room. I knew that I was going to be meeting a group of positive women full of love and light, but I did not expect to cry like a baby and ruin my makeup. Tracy was very candid and open while sharing stories about herself and her family. She brought us to tears and not cute tears either - we were boo hoo'ing! I could barely regain my composure. She talked also about her charity Honey Shine Inc. and how vital it is to give back to the community.

Latham stressed the importance of taking care of ourselves first. As she says, we remember to do it on the plane in case of emergency, but not in real life. As women, we take on the task of being everything to everybody. Mothers in particular, we tend to give our all to our children only to have nothing left for ourselves. We also educated on eating the right foods, having "selfish" moments to ourselves to luxuriate, doing things that make us feel good, and realizing the greatness within ourselves.

MAMAGLOW_LATHAMTHOMAS_LATHAM_THOMASAfter the crying, meditation and lessons, I purchased a copy of Latham's book which she autographed for me. I left the meet up very inspired and emotional, yet relaxed.and even figured out a better positioning strategy for Jolie Bloom. I made new friends and got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies. MAMAGLOW_SOHOHOUSE_GLOWMAVEN^^ myself | kim | chanell ^^

Thank you Latham! You are an absolute gem and a breath of fresh air.

Friday was a game changer!